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Video introduction of the 30th "Aka River Fireworks Display 2023" in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

This time, we would like to introduce the movie "The 30th Aka River Fireworks Festival 2023 "Hikari, and Beyond" -Thanks to the past and the future-" produced by AQUA Geo Graphic. The 30th Aka River Fireworks Festival 2023 "Hikari and Beyond" - Thanks for the past and for the future - 5 programs from the opening fireworks to the closing fireworks (Pana S5 + BRAW)" (感動日本一 ! 第30回 赤川花火記念大会 2023「ひかり、その先へ」~これまでの感謝とこれからの未来へ~ オープニング花火からエンディング花火まで全5プログラム (Pana S5 + BRAW))produced by "AQUA Geo Graphic".

In the video, you can see the "Aka River Fireworks Festival" in 2023, a program from opening to closing by five smoke stores. The most impressive fireworks in Japan! Please enjoy the beautiful 32-minute video of the fireworks of the "Akagawa Fireworks Festival".

What are the features of the Yamagata "Aka River Fireworks Festival"?

Image of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival
Photo:Akagawa Fireworks Festival

The "Akagawa Fireworks Festival" held on the banks of the Akagawa River in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture, is one of the most famous fireworks festivals in Yamagata. About 12,000 fireworks are shot off, and about 350,000 people visit the festival every year.

The Aka River Fireworks Festival, held on the 700-meter wide riverbed, is a national design fireworks competition in which selected pyrotechnicians compete to shoot off their best fireworks.

There are two categories of fireworks, the "design fireworks" category and the "split fireworks" category, and the fireworks launched with an impact sound are truly spectacular.

Every year, a large-scale program is incorporated, attracting viewers with its dramatic presentation. The spectacular fireworks show fused with music and the musical starmine, which is shot over a width of approximately 700 meters, is a powerful spectacle.

The theme for 2023 was "Hikari, to the future - Thanks for all that has been done and for the future to come," with programs such as the special program "Ultra Seven" and the future fireworks "Fly to the Future".

The theme for the 2024 event is "New Flowers: Weaving Inspiration and Hope for the Future. The contents of the program have not yet been announced at this time, but we are sure that you will be able to see a wonderful and memorable fireworks show.

When is the Yamagata Prefecture "Aka River Fireworks Display 2024"? What are the paid seats?

The "Akagawa Fireworks Festival" will be held for the 31st time. The schedule for 2024 is as follows.

The 31st Akagawa Fireworks Festival Fireworks Display
Date: Saturday, August 17, 2024
Place: Akagawa riverside (Mikawa Bridge - Haguro Bridge), Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

All spectator seats, including free seats, are reserved seats.
Free local-only "tournament support seats," which are limited to citizens of Tsuruoka and Mikawacho, have been available for lottery applications since May.

General sales of paid spectator seats will begin at 10:00 a.m. on July 1, 2024. Various types of seats will be available, including sajiki seats (for four people), pipe chair seats (for four people), two-person chair seats (for two people), and leisure seat seats (for four people).

In addition, "Repeater Sales" tickets will be available in June. Repeaters are encouraged to check the official website for details.

Recommended Summer Tourist Spots in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture

Image of Akagawa

If you are visiting Tsuruoka City in Yamagata Prefecture in the summer, why not climb Mt. Gassan, where you can enjoy the beautiful mountain greenery?

Gassan, which rises 1,984 meters above sea level, is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, and can be reached by bus to the eighth station. It takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach the summit from the eighth station of Mt. In addition to the Gassan Midagahara Marshland, where alpine flora such as Mizubashou and Nikkoukisuge can be seen, there is Gassan Shrine, where the guardian deity "Tsukuyominomikoto" is enshrined, at the summit of the mountain. Visitors will be able to fully enjoy the wonderful nature and views.

For those who prefer indoor activities, the Tsuruoka Kamo Municipal Aquarium is recommended. Fish, seals, and sea turtles can be seen here, but the main attraction is jellyfish. About 80 different species of jellyfish can be seen here at any given time. In a 5-meter-diameter tank called the "Jellyfish Dream Theater," about 10,000 water jellyfish float fantastically in the water. Many visitors have commented that they were healed by the sight of the fluffy jellyfish floating in the water.


Image of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival
Photo:Akagawa Fireworks Festival

It is the most popular fireworks festival in Japan!
There are tours from major travel companies as well, so if you want to visit from afar, you should book a hotel and plan your schedule in advance.
We hope this video has you interested in the amazing Akagawa Fireworks Festival!

On the day of the fireworks display, food stalls (night stalls) and street vendors line the streets, which are crowded with people dressed in yukata (light cotton kimono) and other clothing of their choice.

The outline of the 2024 Aka River Fireworks Festival is as follows. For more details, please check the official website.

◆Outline of the 2024 Aka River Fireworks Festival◆
[Schedule] August 17, 2024 (Saturday) *No postponement in case of inclement weather
[Location]Akagawa Riverside, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture
[Fees]Paid spectator seats are available.
[Access]There is a 30-minute walk from Tsuruoka Station on the Hetsuetsu Main Line.
Please use public transportation as traffic regulations will be enforced and parking lots in the surrounding area will be full.
[Organized by]Akagawa Fireworks Festival Executive Committee
[Notes.]For more information, please visit the official website.

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