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The Akagawa Fireworks Festival

This video, "4K The Most Touching Thing in Japan! 28th Akagane Fireworks Festival 2018 "Pride" -Emotional Fireworks- Akagawa Fireworks Festival (shot on Samsung NX1)"([4K] 感動日本一 ! 第28回 赤川花火大会 2018「誇り」~こころゆさぶる感動花火~ Akagawa Fireworks Festival (shot on Samsung NX1)), is a beautiful 4K video of the 2018 Akagawa Fireworks Festival "Pride," which was ranked in the top 10 of the best 100 fireworks in Japan. There were approximately 12 thousand fireworks displayed.

Around 350 thousand people came to see the 2018 Akagawa Fireworks Festival, including visitors from abroad.

For 27 minutes, you can watch the ending of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival, which is the climax of the program.
Enjoy the summer night sky and "the most touching fireworks in Japan" with this video.

Introduction to the Akagawa Fireworks Festival

Image of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival
Photo:Akagawa Fireworks Festival

The Akagawa Fireworks Festival is one big program.
We'll introduce the process of the festival below, alongside the video.
There are 4 parts.

-Opening (Video 0:15) Kitanihon Hanabi Kougyou
“Future” (BGM: Tomoni by WANIMA)

-Local fireworks (Video: 3:43) Inakako Horiuchi Enkaten
“Masquerade” (BGM: Dakishimetai by Mr. Children)

-Light of Hope (Video: 12:06) Marugoh
“Light of Eternity” (BGM: Hero by Amuro Namie)

-Ending (Video 17:55) Beniya Aoki Enkaten
“Moment of Miracle” (BGM: A New Day by Beverly)

In each part of the large program fireworks are set off in a way that matches the music. The climax of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival is when the 700m long fireworks are set.
There's was also the dramatic firework display called “Ghost Matthew and the Magical Flower” in 2018.

Top class pyrotechnics from all over Japan compete to show off their skills at the national fireworks competition.
There are design fireworks and traditional fireworks and it's breathtaking to see them in the night sky.

Information About the Area

Image of Akagawa

Akagawa Fireworks Festival is a historical and popular festival.
It is a traditional event in Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture and it will be held for the 30th time in 2020.
On the day of the festival, there are many street stalls and the street is covered with people wearing yukata.

This video is filmed from 2 locations.
One is from the venue and the other is from the backside of the venue, in the field.
The front side of the venue is downwind, so we recommend viewing the display from the field on the back side.
You can search and look for your own viewing spots as well.


Image of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival
Photo:Akagawa Fireworks Festival

It is the most popular fireworks festival in Japan!
There are tours from major travel companies as well, so if you want to visit from afar, you should book a hotel and plan your schedule in advance.
We hope this video has you interested in the amazing Akagawa Fireworks Festival!

The details of the 2018 Akagawa Fireworks Festival is down below.
Some information changes every year, so check the official homepage before visiting.

◆Information about the 2018 Akagawa Fireworks Festival◆
【Address】30 minute walk from Uetsu Main Line Turuoka station
It will be crowded on the day of the festival.
There are traffic restrictions and parking fills up quickly, so we highly recommend using public transportation.
There are free shuttle buses from Tsuruoka station to the official parking area.
However, the official parking area is for people with box seating only.
【Date】August 18th, 2018/ Fireworks start from 7:15 pm
【Venue】Riverbed of Akagawa, Tsuruoka city, Yamagata prefecture
【Entrance fee】 Free, paid seats available. (Reservation needed for free box seat. For paid seats: F to SA class seat costs 3,000 to 24,000 Yen (~$30-$240 USD)
【Sponsor】Executive Committee of the Akagawa Fireworks Festival
【Warning】Please check out the official homepage for details about the upcoming festival.

【Tripadvisor】Akagawa Fireworks Festival

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The Akagawa Fireworks Festival of Tsuruoka, Yamagata. This Must-See Summer Fireworks Display, Praised by Fans, Is Known as the “The Most Touching Fireworks Display in Japan”!
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