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This video is titled "07/24/2016|Kihoku Lantern Festival|Lantern Festival~Peacock Fireworks" (2016.07.24 きほく燈籠祭 「燈籠大仕掛 ~ 彩雲孔雀」). It was released by FIREWORKSVIEWERS.

This video introduces the Kihoku Lantern Festival held in Mie Prefecture.
The Kihoku Lantern Festival, held on a Saturday in late July every year in Kihoku in southern Mie Prefecture, has become a popular summer event for both children and adults.
Huge lanterns over 10 meters tall and beautiful fireworks that look like a peacock spreading its wings are the main attractions of the festival, and it is also called the "Sea Nebuta," referencing the Nebuta Festival in Aomori.

This video shows the fireworks at the Kihoku Lantern Festival in 2016, so be sure to check it out!

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Beautiful Fireworks That Look Like Peacock Feathers at the Kihoku Lantern Festival! Watch Some of the Most Amazing Fireworks!
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