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This video, titled "令和元年 第71回鎌倉花火大会 2019 ハイライト - Kamakura Fireworks Festival 2019 - (Shot on BMPCC4K)," was released by AQUA Geo Graphic.

The video shows the 71st annual Kamakura Fireworks Festival held in Kamakura.
The Kamakura Fireworks Festival has a long history dating back to 1948, and while there have been times when the festival has been cancelled due to weather or disasters, it has been held regularly all the way to 2019.
The fireworks launched from the boat are famous for their beautiful fan-shape that overlap above the sea. They are beautiful and powerful like large flowers in the night sky.
In this video, you can see the 71st Kamakura Fireworks Festival filmed from the Kamakura Alps!
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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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The Kamakura Fireworks Festival Is an Unparalleled Attraction! Rediscover the Beauty of Fireworks With This Simple, Historic Display!
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