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An Eye-Catching Introduction to Japan

This approximately 4-minute video, focusing on modern-day Japan as seen by foreign tourists and travelers, boasts a level of quality that has attracted major interest not only in Japan but in various countries throughout the world.

This video's footage goes above and beyond other Japan PR videos and keeps viewers glued to the screen.
By the video's end, you'll most likely feel an indescribable surge of emotions, such as those experienced after viewing a magnificent movie of epic proportions!

Highlights of the Japanese Introduction Video, "in Japan"

This video, "In Japan," taken in 2015 by German filmmaker/creator Vincent Urban, is a nearly 4-minute collection of footage of his 3-week journey in Japan to locations including Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hiroshima.

In taking a look at images of landscapes and scenery natural and commonplace to Japanese people which are projected from a foreigner’s perspective, even we as Japanese natives can perceive such images as unknown, brand new discoveries and never-before-seen sights and scenes, and this video therefore allows us to learn about the appeal and charm of Japan in a brand new light.
Viewers of this video can also agree that its high quality BGM and camera work is yet another reason for its high acclaim both in and out of Japan.
This video condenses a wide variety of discoveries in Japan ranging from regularly seen daily scenery and landscapes to famous tourist spots.
Examples of such sights include Asakusa Temple in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo, festivals, Kendo (Japanese martial art with bamboo swords), Buddhist temples, Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine as well as convenience stores, Tokyo Tower, street performances, Tokyo Skytree, sumo wrestlers, clubs and idols, in addition to shinkansen (bullet trains), natural landscapes, the Atomic Bomb Domes in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Mt. Fuji and metropolitan night scenes.

Japan as Seen Through Cultural Changes

Image of Sumo

Learning about shifts in modern Japanese culture gives us deeper insights into the allure and attraction of Japan as a nation in the present day.

Japan of yore once had superb classic culture primarily consisting of artistic traditional crafts, and as you can see in the video, festivals and martial arts passed down to Japan from ancient times have been regarded as symbolizing the very culture of "Nihon no Wa," or "The Spirit of Japan."
It is also well-known that Japan is the birthplace of kendo and sumo wrestling which are now sports famous all the world over.

In addition, present-day Japan is going through transitions in which its forms of entertainment, such as manga (Japanese comics/cartoons) and anime (Japanese animation), formerly considered to be types of sub-culture, have been disseminated throughout the globe to be cherished by multitudes of people as pop culture.
This signifies shifts in the image of "Japan" in the eyes of foreigners abroad from that of a land of ninja and samurai to an anime & manga nation.
The Akihabara area, now the "Mecca" of anime and manga which serves as the center of Japanese contemporary culture, has become a well-known tourist location which draws huge numbers of sightseers visiting Japan, and it's also popular as a town for shopping.

Japan as Seen Through Tourist Meccas & Architectural Buildings

Image of Sensoji Temple and women
Photo:Sensoji Temple and women

If you're watching this video you probably know that Japan, due to its also being famous as a country abound with history and nature, sees immense numbers of foreigners who visit for sightseeing on a daily basis.
Locations in Japan shown in the video, such as Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo and the Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, are highly recommended tourist spots in Japan which are renowned even on a global scale.
The existence of temples and shrines in Japan, whose number is too great to mention here, attracts hosts of foreign sightseers day by day, and this is proof of how Japan enjoys deep-rooted popularity as a tourist destination amongst abroad residents all over the world.

Japan as Seen Through Nature

Image of Suruga Bay
©Izu City Modifying

The richness and abundance of nature, amongst other aspects, is definitely a thing to behold here in Japan.
Japan's largest mountain, Mt. Fuji, and its bamboo forest, also featured in the video, are without a doubt natural tourist spots that represent the glory of Japan.
The view from Mt. Fuji's summit, in particular, is easily summed up by the words "magnificent scenery," and once you experience climbing this mountain on your own, you'll be able to appreciate the thrill and excitement of this spectacle all the more.
Such natural splendor is just one more example of a globally sought-after sightseeing attraction highly recommended in Japan, a fact testified to by the unceasing droves of tourists from abroad who visit day-to-day without end.

Japan Introduction Video Summary

We hope you enjoyed this video introduction of Japan with its simple yet profound delivery of information.

Year after year, Japan sees increasing numbers of tourists from abroad coming in search of such fascinating sightseeing spots as well as world-renowned gourmet Japanese food.

Japan still has yet a great deal of appeal which, unfortunately, we can't completely encapsulate into such a short introductory video on Japan’s culture, history, entertainment, nature and festivals.
We truly hope that this video and article have piqued your interest in Japan more than ever before!

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Last Updated : Apr. 4, 2022
鈴木 正孝(Masataka Suzuki)
A writer born and raised in Asakusa, Tokyo who loves traveling and novels
The Video That's Making Headlines Around the World! This Video Introduction to Japan, Which Captures the Eyes of Viewers Moment by Moment, Is Both High Quality and Inspiring!
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