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Introducing Tokamachi, Niigata!

This is a video to promote outdoor tourism in Tokamachi, a city located in the southern part of Niigata prefecture.

Here, we will introduce you to some of the nature-rich sightseeing spots in the Shinanogawa area of Niigata Prefecture.
The video introduces a variety of outdoor activities in various spots and seasons, including rivers, plateaus, and snowy mountains.
There's sure to be something for everyone!

Outdoor Locations in Tokamachi, Niigata

Image of glamping

If you want to go camping in Tokamachi city, we recommend the beautiful Daigonji Kogen Camping Ground or the Fushikurojoseki Camping Ground.
You can see the scenery at each campground at 0:29 in the video.
Besides that, there are also facilities where you can enjoy the popular activity "glamping" around Tokamachi.

There are various outdoor activities to enjoy in Tokamachi city, such as cycling along the Shinanogawa river, SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boarding) at the Shinanogawa river, canoeing, and rafting down the amazing Shinanogawa river.
These can be seen at 0:39 in the footage.

Known as one of the areas of Japan that has extremely heavy snowfall, there are many famous tourist spots where you can enjoy winter activities in Tokamachi city. It's been designated a special heavy snowfall area, so you know the snow will be great!
You can also try cross-country skiing in the scenery of the great outdoors, or airboarding and snow biking at the Matsunoyama Onsen Ski Resort.
These winter activities are shown from 1:24 in the video.

Appealing Tourist Spots in Tokamachi City

Image of Glow of the Star Pass
©Koichi_Hayakawa Modifying

In addition to Chotokuji Temple, which is famous for Senju Kannon (the thousand-armed Goddess of Mercy), the stone Buddha of Hachi, where approximately 200 stone Buddhas are enshrined, Suwa Shrine and Matsuo Shrine, Saieiji Temple, and Jinguji Temple, a nationally renowned sight and national monument, and Tashiro no Nanatsugama, are all must-see tourist spots that show the history of Tokamachi city.

You can also visit the ruins of Oida Castle, which was home to a local wealthy family during the Kamakura period.
At the Tokamachi Museum, you can see the flame-shaped earthenware that was found in the area.
Kiyotsu Gorge, the Hoshitoge rice terrace fields, and the beech forest, given the name Bijinbayashi, are all secret tourist spots overflowing with natural beauty.
The Art Festival of the Earth - Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial, one of the world's largest art festivals, attracts many visitors as well.

When you visit Tokamachi city of Niigata prefecture, be sure to try the local cuisine.
The Kashiwazaki Tai Chazuke (sea bream rice with tea), Soba inari, and Hegi soba are famous local specialties.

Traditions of Tokamachi City

In Tokamachi, Shinbo Kodaiji Bushi, which is said to be the root of Japanese folk music, has been passed down since ancient times.
Akakura Kagura, which has been passed down from one generation to the next in Akakura Village, is a Shinto ritual within which you can feel the traditions of Japan.
Tokamachi Kouta, which was made for the commercial of the traditional "Akashi Chijimi," is performed at the Tokamachi Summer Festival.
In the city, the Tokamachi Snow Festival is held in the winter season and it's always a lively event.
There are places where you can experience making Tsumariyaki, a traditional craft of Tokamachi, using soil from the area.
Tokamachi city is also the second largest producer of silk fabrics after Kyoto, and is even called “Kimono town” for having many kimono and fabric shops.

Accommodations in and Around Tokamachi

If you're traveling to Tokamachi, we recommend staying at Hikari no Yakata, a hotel built by James Turrell in the image of Junichiro Tanizaki’s book “In the Praise of Shadows.”

There are also many appealing hot spring inns in the city, so choose the one that suits you best.

Summary of Tokamachi, Niigata

In this article, we introduced the outdoor activities in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture as well as tourist attractions and traditional performing arts that are featured in the video.
We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the attractions of Tokamachi, as it has a lot to offer.

As you can see in the video, Tokamachi city, where the magnificent Shinanogawa river flows, is a great place to visit for those looking to actively experience nature.
This video introduces many outdoor activities, such as skiing and SUP. Find anything you're interested in?
It might be difficult deciding what to do when there's so many options!

【Official Website】Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture Town Hall Website

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Tokamachi in Niigata Prefecture Is the Number One Tourist Spot to Experience Beautiful Scenery! Skiing, SUP, Rafting... There’s Plenty of Activities to Enjoy!
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