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About the Nikko City Promotional Video

This is a promotional video titled "Nikko City Tourism PR Video Re:NIKKO" (【日光市観光PR動画】Re:NIKKO), released by citynikko.
Located north of Tokyo in Tochigi Prefecture, the well-known destination features plenty of sightseeing spots including Nikko Tosho-gu, Lake Chuzenji and Kegon Falls.

Nikko is a place where nature and history merge.
The 5-minute video is full of the charms of Nikko City.
Check out the video introducing numerous attractions in Nikko city!

What Are the Historical Sites in the Video?

Image of Rinnoji Temple
Photo:Rinnoji Temple

From 0:20, the famous World Heritage site Nikko Tosho-gu appears.
It is the most visited attraction in the area, and its spectacular look draws many Instagrammers every year.
The shrine complex consists of dozens of beautiful buildings such as Yomeimon Gate, Karamon Gate, Kagura-Den, as well as a collection of lavish decorations such as a carving of the "Three Wise Monkeys," "Imaginary Elephant," the "Sleeping Cat," and more.
Many visitors go to Futarasan Shrine and Rinno-ji Temple along with Nikko Tosho-gu.

The events and festivals introduced from 0:30 are as follows: Yayoi Festival; with beautiful pink floats (Futarasan Jinja Shrine), Dragon King Festival (Goryuo Shrine), The Grand Festival (Nikko Tosho-gu) and Archery on horseback (Nokko Tosho-gu).

Some other attractions in the area that we recommend are: Edo Wonderland Nikko Edo village, Ashio Copper Mine, the To-bu Railway steam locomotive ride, a Gondola boat ride down Uzuma River and a trolley train ride across Watarase Gorge.
Hanaichi, an annual fair held at Imaichi district, offers delicious local dishes and locally brewed sake.

Outdoor Activities in Nikko

Image of Kegon Falls
Photo:Kegon Falls

Nikko is known for its rich nature.
There are many outdoor activities and natural attractions that visitors can enjoy, such as Kegon Falls, mountain stream fishing, rafting (1:46), and the Kinugawa river boat ride.

A thrilling canyoning tour is offered at Mt.Shirane as well, or you can enjoy camping and trail running in Senjugahama or Sho-bugahama on the lakeside of Chuzenji.

The video portrays a group of girls camping under the stars from 2:17.
There are also some little-known but worth-visiting spots such as Lake Yuno, or the mysterious Kanmangafuchi Abyss.

Enjoy the Seasonal Attractions in Nikko

Image of Lake Chuzenji in the autumn foliage・Nikko National Park
Photo:Lake Chuzenji in the autumn foliage・Nikko National Park

In spring, the weeping cherry tree of Takada House blooms and becomes very pretty, and Senjo-gahara covers itself with white cotton-grass flowers.
Summer is the ideal time to visit Suginamiki Park or Kirifuri Highland to enjoy viewing fresh green leaves and wildflowers.
The scenic autumn foliage of the mountains perched on Lake Chuzenji draws many visitors.
The spectacular autumn leaves in Nikko are introduced at 2:28.

Tourists flock here to admire the vibrant autumn colors.
During the winter months, interesting events are held at the onsen in the area, such as Yunishigawa Onsen snow igloo festival, or Okunikko Yumoto Onsen snow festival.
The local "ice farmer" is introduced from 4:03, whose "natural ice" is produced by the cold of winter.
Other recommended onsen in the vicinity are Kawaji Onsen and others located in the Lake Chuzenji area.

Many More Sightseeing Spots in Nikko

Image of children enjoying a walk along the mountain trail・Kirifuri Highland
Photo:Children enjoying a walk along the mountain trail・Kirifuri Highland

Nikko boasts many more attractions. We'll list them here so you can add something to your itinerary easier.

(Cultural & Historical sites)
Mt. Yudono Shrine, Heike no Sato, Takino Shrine, Shinkyo bridge, Ashio Copper Mine, Tobu World Square, Trick Artpia Nikko, Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park, Sanrinnoji Taiyuin, Kanmangafuchi Abyss

(Natural Attractions)
Kotoku Ranch, Ozasa Ranch, Mt. Nantai, Nikko National Park, Kirifuri Highland, Ryu-Ou Gorge (Dragon King Gorge), various geysers, Yudaki Falls, Akechidaira Ropeway, Kinutateiwa suspension bridge, Nikko Suginamiki, Ryuzu Falls, and more.

Many events and festivals are lined up all throughout the year, such as the Nikko Fireworks Festival or the Mushasai Festival. We recommend visiting Nikko when these are taking place.
The must-try local dishes are:
Yuba (tofu skin)
Masuzushi (pickled trout sushi wrapped in bamboo leaves)
Kibira's Yokan (Yokan is a thick jellied dessert made of red bean paste, sugar and agar. Kihira is a well-known long standing store dedicated to Yokan)

Summary of Nikko Tochigi Tourist Information

Image of igloos at Yunishigawa Onsen
Photo:Igloos at Yunishigawa Onsen

As seen in the video, Nikko has countless attractions.
But there are even more than we could list here. Be sure to find your favorite place in Nikko!
To get to Nikko, it's about 2 hours from Tokyo by train.
There are many hotels and ryokan located in the area, including popular places, such as Hoshino Resort, Lake Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel, and Nikko Kanaya.

Spending your holidays in the beautiful nature of Nikko is sure to be relaxing.
Enjoy the beauty of Nikko with the video.

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From Important World Heritage Sites to Beautiful Natural Landscapes - Nikko, Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Has a Lot to Offer. This Promotional Video for Nikko Is Something You Don’t Want to Miss!
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