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The Traditional Japanese Atmosphere of Uchiko, Ehime

This is a PR video for Uchiko, titled ‘UCHIKO GENIC Trailer,’ made by the Uchiko Tourism Association in Ehime prefecture on Shikou Island. The town of Uchiko, in Ehime Prefecture, is home to a strong tradition of Japanese performing arts and traditional events.
population of about 300 people, is a beautiful place where traditional culture has been preserved through "village-preservation activities" by the residents.

In Ishidatami district, the local people hold festivals in every season, such as the "Water Wheel Festival" and the "Soba Festival," and many tourists visit the festivals to experience traditional Japanese culture.
This video introduces the traditions, culture, history and cuisine of Uchiko, Ehime with fantastic music.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

A Heavenly Time in Uchiko, Ehime

Ishidatami no Yado hotel in Uchiko, Ehime is an inn with a traditional Japanese style house, where you are served Japanese cuisine using local ingredients.
You can relax in the onsen bath and enjoy delicious Japanese meals. This can be seen at 1:30 in the video.

A popular cultural experience in Uchiko, Ehime is strolling through the town in Kimono. We recommend giving it a try to relax.
In the video, you can see a woman strolling through the streets of Uchiko while wearing a kimono at 0:26. You can also get some great Instagram pictures of yourself in a kimono!

When you're sightseeing in Uchiko, be sure to stop drop in on the local shops, such as Road Station Uchiko's Fresh Park Karari and Odanokyo Seseragi, where you can buy local sake, as well as Uchiko's famous traditional bamboo crafts and souvenir.

Karari Bridge (からり橋 Kararibashi) at Uchiko Fresh Park Karari, is decorated with Koinobori streamers in spring. It's a truly beautiful scene.
You can see the Koinobori streamers at 2:34 in the video.
Many Koinobori streamers, big and small, elegantly swim through the air of Uchiko.

Traditional Entertainment and Events in Uchiko!

Image of Uchiko-za

Yokaichigokoku in Uchiko, has been given the status of "Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings."
Once upon a time, this district was a busy merchant town with a focus on candle making.
There's a theater for plays in this district, called Uchiko-za. This theater has been operating since the Taisho period, showing traditional Japanese bunraku plays.
The theater can be seen at 0:47 in the video.

The Kite Festival, shown at 2:38, has around 400 years of history and is an event in Uchiko that we highly recommend checking out.
It's held on May 5th every year, so be sure to line up your visit if you can.

At Takekobo Studio, shown at 0:31 in the video, you can see traditional bamboo crafts being hand crafted by artisans.
These are perfect as souvenirs from Uchiko.

Experience the Natural Landscape Uchiko!

Image of  Taiko Bridge, Yuge Shrine
Photo:Taiko Bridge, Yuge Shrine

Uchiko also attracts people with its beautiful natural landscape.
We recommend walking around Odamiyama Valley (小田深山渓谷 Odamiyama Keikoku) in the deep forest and visiting the beautiful rice terrace at Izumidani. Uchiko has a lot to offer when it comes to scenic views.
The rice terraces are can be seen throughout the video, and thanks to the drone footage, you get a great aerial view!

We also recommend visiting Kosho Temple (高昌寺 Koshoji) and seeing the beautiful view from Yuge Shrine (弓削神社 Yuge Jinja).
Don’t forget to try some tasty soba made with the pure water of Uchiko. You can see it at 2:24 in the video.

Summary of Uchiko, Ehime

Uchiko is a famous tourist spot in Ehime Prefecture where you can experience unique Japanese history.
There are many more sightseeing spots in Uchiko that we couldn't get to in this article, so be sure to watch the video to see more of the charms that Uchiko has to offer!

We hope we sparked your interest in Uchiko.
Visit Uchiko, a town where you can discover Japanese culture and beautiful scenery!

【Official Website】Ehime prefecture Uchiko Town Hall Website

【Official Website】Uchiko Town Official Tourism Site Uchiko Sanpo

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Uchiko, Ehime: A Charming Town in Shikoku Where You Can Experience Tradition, Culture, History, and Delicious Local Cuisine. Come Feel the Traditional Japanese Atmosphere!
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