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The Shikoku Ehime Girls' Journey Is Full of Highlights!

This video is "A Healing journey in Ehime - A Paradise of Love and Princesses - (Ehime Prefecture Tourism PR Video)"(いやされて愛媛旅~愛と姫の楽園~(愛媛県観光PR動画)) created by "EhimePref".

One of Japan's leading tourist destinations, Ehime Prefecture, in the Shikoku region, is divided into three areas: Toyo, Chuyo and Nanyo.
Toyo is one of the most popular tourist spots, with Imabari City and Saijo City, which are known for its Imabari Towels. The Nishi Seto Expressway has nine islands connecting Ehime and Hiroshima, with a total length of about 70 km, and we recommend the canyoning route for cyclists.

The Chuyo area is the center of Ehime! Dogo Onsen, a World Heritage Site, is located in Matsuyama City, where the prefectural capital is located. There are many tourist spots related to Japanese history and culture there.
The area around Dogo Onsen Station can be used for rickshaw strolls and more, which provides an authentic Japanese atmosphere!

The Nanyo area is rich in nature, including the sea, rivers, and forests, as well as Ozu City, known as the little Kyoto of Iyo, and Uchiko, one of Nanyo's most famous scenic spots, where you can see nostalgic Japanese scenery that will take you back in time.
This video introduces some of the highlights of Ehime, Shikoku's Instagram-worthy scenery and sightseeing spots.

Although it is a short video, lasting only about 2 minutes, it is chock full of the charm of Ehime Prefecture, so please enjoy it.

The Hashtags of Ehime!

Image of Yokaichigokoku

Let's take a look at some scenic spots in Ehime, one of Japan's leading tourist destinations. Be sure to follow along with the video!
The first place we visit is the “Uchikoza Playhouse (0:42),” which was founded in 1916 (Taisho 5) to celebrate the throne of the Emperor Taisho.

Next, enjoy the "Uchiko Town Walk (0:48)," "Town Guide (0:52)," and "Kamihagatei (an Important Cultural Property) (0:57)."

You can also enjoy cycling at Kurushima Kaikyo Bridge (1:08) and on the Nishi Seto Expressway (1:12)!

After sunset, take a stroll along the "Nikitatsu Road (1:22)" or at "Dogo Onsen Station (1:26)"
Pass the "Botchan Train (1:31)" and check in to "Dogo Onsen" (1:37) for the night."

Also important, are: "Matsuyama Castle (1:45)", "Sliding Valley Canyon (1:45-)", "Shikoku Karst (1:45-)", "Roadside Station Besshi (1:45)" and "Budokan."
There are plenty of popular sightseeing spots in Ehime, such as Garyu Sanso, Mimidotake, and Nishiyama Koryuji. There's plenty of Instagrammable spots to go around! Where will tomorrow take us?

Recommended Local Cuisine in Ehime

Image of Sea bream
Photo:Sea bream

Speaking of Ehime in Shikoku, citrus fruits indigenous to Japan, such as mandarin oranges and Iyokan oranges, are actively grown here!
Japanese food such as takikomi taimeshi (sea bream rice) is also a local delicacy.
You can see the sea bream from 0:59 in the video.

In addition, there are also the "Kiri no Mori Daifuku," which makes a great souvenir, and the "Deai Imotaki," a seasonal delicacy.

Events and Outdoor Activities to Experience the Past and Present of Ehime

Image of Dogo Onsen
Photo:Dogo Onsen

If you're sightseeing in Ehime, we recommend staying in the Chuyo area. From here, access to both the Nanyo and Toyo districts is great!
Dogo Onsen, also known as Japan's oldest onsen inn, is a simple alkaline spring known as a beauty hot spring.
There are many hot spring lodges and tourist hotels in the vicinity, where you can relax and unwind after a long day of travel.

In addition, various events are held in every season, and outdoor activities such as the Niihama Taiko Festival, "Sea Walker" where you can enjoy underwater walks, mountain climbing Ishizuchi, and tide experience, are all very popular.

A Paradise of Love and Princesses! Summary of Ehime

Ehime Prefecture is a prefecture on the east side of the Shikoku region facing the Seto Inland Sea.
Dogo Onsen, a World Heritage site known for its beauty hot springs, and the Seto Inland Sea's colorful climate and charming nature, make for one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations.

The sea is beautiful and the locals are very kind!
Many instagrammable spots are also introduced in the video.
Watch this woman's travels in Ehime, Shikoku, a town of smiles, oranges, hot springs and natural scenery, and find your favorite Insta-worthy spots!

【Official Website】Ehime Prefectural Government Homepage

【Official Website】 Visit Ehime - Ehime Tourism Information

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Ehime Prefecture, a Paradise of Love and Princesses! These Girls' Travel Video Around Insta-Worthy Spots Is Full of Smiles!
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