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An Introduction to Ozu City

This video, titled "A Journey to the Good Old Days of Japan - Ozu City, Ehime Prefecture (5-minute version)" (古き良き、往年の日本を訪ねる旅~愛媛県大洲市~(英語:5分Ver)), is a promotional video uploaded by the official channel of Ozu City.

Ozu City, located in Japan's Shikoku Region (四国地方, Shikokuchiho), is known as the ‘Little Kyoto of Iyo’ for its beautiful scenery and tasteful vibe.
Nagahama Bridge (長浜大橋, Nagahamaohashi) astrides Hiji River (肱川, Hijikawa), that runs through Ozu City, at its estuary.
It is a drawbridge that opens and closes in the center.
Under the cold winter sky, a crisp wind known as the Hiji River Storm (肱川嵐, Hijikawa Arashi), a hallmark of the season for Ozu City, and it is followed by a vast fog.
This can be seen from 0:12 in the video through time-lapse footage.

The video introduces all of the must-see tourist locations in Ozu City.
The attractions of the city are packed into this 5-and-a-half minute video.

What Exactly Is Ozu City? An Introduction to Beautiful Sightseeing Spots

Image of Ohanahan Street
Photo:Ohanahan Street

In the city, rickshaws run on cobblestone of Ohanahan Street (おはなはん通り, Ohanahandori), along the historical housings from the Meiji Period (1868-1912).
The cobblestone streets can be seen in the video from 1:11.
Pokopen Alley (ポコペン横丁, Pokopen Yokocho), a nostalgic and instagrammable side street, as well as the exotic Ozu Red Brick Building (おおず赤煉瓦館, Ozu Akarengakan), are two popular tourist destinations.
We recommend visiting Nagahama Port (長浜港, Nagamahako) in Ozu City if you fancy yourself some gourmet sea food!
You can also travel to Aoshima island (青島, Aoshima) in the Seto Inland Sea from the beach.

Amago no Satsuma, a specialty of Ozu City, is a must-eat local cuisine.
Relaxing at Hiji River Wind Museum – Utamaro Building (肱川風の博物館・歌磨館, Hijikawa Kaze no Hakubutsukan – Utamarokan) is another great option.
It passes on locally cultivated history, culture and tradition to the next generation.

Historical Tourist Sites in Ozu City!

Image of Ozu Castle
Photo:Ozu Castle

Ozu Castle (大洲城, Ozujo), built during the Kamakura Period (1185-1333) by governor Shugo, the castle was rebuilt by Takatora Todo more than a century later. It is designated as one of the hundred best castles of Japan.
The castle is shown in the video from 2:42.

Ozu City is also home to many temples and shrines such as Myoho Temple (妙法寺, Myohoji) (from 2:05), Zuiryu Temple (瑞龍寺, Zuiryuji) (from 2:29), Shusseki Temple (出石寺, Shussekiji) and Sukunahikona Shrine (少彦名神社, Sukunahikona Jinja).
Garyu Sanso(臥龍山荘,Garyu Sanso) (from 2:49), surrounded by the tasteful scenery of a Japanese garden, is known for its characteristic Sukiya Style (数寄屋建築, Sukiya Kenchiku).
It has a different feel depending on the season.
Obie Bridge (帯江橋, Obiebashi) (from 3:23) is a wooden, covered bridge, not often seen in Japan, beloved by locals as a social hub.

Ozu City offers delicious gourmet too.
Amago no Satsuma, shown in the video from 3:52, is a traditional cuisine consisting of grilled salmon served with a miso-based soup poured on rice.

Other Tourist Destinations in Ozu City

Image of Aoshima cat
Photo:Aoshima's cats

There are many sightseeing spots uncovered in the video.
Iyo Osu Sukunahikona Shrine, Aoshima, Tomisuyama Park (冨士山公園, Tomisuyama Koen), Covered Bridge (屋根つき橋, Yanetsukibashi) (also known as Roman Eight Bridges (浪漫八橋, Romanyatsuhashi) and Sambaidani Waterfall (三杯谷の滝, Sambaidaninotaki) are just a few places to visit in Ozu City.

The ‘Kanko Sakura Festival (観光さくらまつり, Kanko Sakura Matsuri)’, ‘Hataki Sakura Festival (八多喜さくらまつり, Hataki Sakura Matsuri)’, ‘Suitengu Fireworks Festival (水天宮花火大会, Suitengu Hanabi Taikai), ‘Nagahama Akahashi Summer Festival (ながはま赤橋夏まつり, Nagahama Akahashi Natumatsuri)’, ‘Dragon Boat Festival (ドラゴンボート大会, Dragon Boat Taikai), ‘Ozu Festival (おおずまつり, Ozu Matsuri)’, ‘Ebisu Festival (えびすまつり, Ebisu Matsuri)’ and ‘Gion Festival (祇園まつり, Gion Festival)’ are some of the popular festivals in Ozu City.
We recommend scheduling your trip around these events.
You can't go wrong staying in Ozu city, thanks to its abundant supply of Onsen Ryokan and hotels.

Summary of Ozu City

A lot of attractive tourist destinations are captured in this video.
If you're interested, we recommend riding the all-red tourist train "Iyo-Nada Monogatari," shown in the video from 4:11, to access Iyo-Ozu Station.

Ozu City and its neighborhood was badly damaged by the severe flooding in 2018, but the people are working together to restore the city.
Be sure to go on a sightseeing trip to Ozu City to support the recovery effort!

【Official Website】Ozu City, Aichi Prefecture City Hall Homepage

【Tripadvisor】Ozu City

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Ozu City in Aichi Prefecture: Dubbed the ‘Little Kyoto of Iyo’ for Its Tasteful Japanese Vibe. An Introduction to the City With Countless Tourist Attractions!
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