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A Look at Tajimi City, Gifu

The video "【Tajimi City PR video】 I love Tajimi City!" (【多治見市PR動画】たじみしがすき。), made by Ponycanyon, introduces many attractive places to visit in Tajimi city.

Not only is it packed with traditional Japanese culture and food, but it's also a great place to live and raise a family.
Check out the video and see the beauty of Tajimi!

In this article, a child shows us around the attractions of Tajimi city in Gifu.
Let’s see what Tajimi city is like for kids.

About Tajimi city in Gifu

image of Tajimi city
Photo:Tajimi city

Tajimi city in Gifu prefecture is well known for having the hottest weather in Japan.
There are a lot of places to go sightseeing where you can absorb historic backgrounds and enjoy the outdoors.
As such, there are many photogenic sites for Instagram as well.

As you can see in the video, Tajimi city is a nice place to live.
You can get to JR Tajimi station by express train from Nagoya. It takes only about 20 minutes, so it's great if you want to go shopping too!
See more about transportation at 0:36 in the video.

Raising children is easy thanks to the support from city hall and the large municipal hospital.
At 2:00 the video mentions the average ambulance arrival time is about 7.3 minutes (compared to the average 8.5 minutes of Japan).

You can bring your kids to Pokapoka Plaza which has a playground inside, and eat delicious eel and make pottery.
You can see in the video at 0:49. Look how excited her is to meet “Unagappa,” the cute mascot of Tajimi.
In this video, there's tons of things to see in Tajimi city!

Take a look at 1:36 in the video. Here you can see the average prices of residential land. It mentions that the city costs a fifth of what land in Nagoya costs, and it's so close to Nagoya as well.
There are some nice places such as the Valor Cultural Hall (Tajimi city cultural hall), the Cultural Properties Protection Center and the Cafe Gallery Momogusa.

Experience Japanese Culture in Tajimi City, Gifu!

Tajimi city is famous for Japanese handicrafts such as Mino Pottery( 美濃焼, Minoyaki).

Mino yaki, introduced in the video at 2:04, is pottery made in the Tono area of Gifu.
This beautiful and easy to use pottery attracts attention around the world.
You can see it at the Mino Pottery Museum and you can also experience making it at the Voice Workshop at Azuchi Momoyama Pottery Park.

Also mentioned in the video at 1:24 is Tajimi Honmachi Oribe Street. This 400 meters long street has many pottery shops and galleries.
Here you can see the Minoyaki Archive Library and the History Museum.
There is also Ichinokura Oribe Street where you can enjoy locally made Japanese sake.

Sightseeing Information for Tajimi City, Gifu

image of Eiho-ji Temple on Mt.Kokei
Photo:Eiho-ji Temple on Mt.Kokei

There are a lot of attractions to see in Tajimi city, Gifu.

If you want to enjoy beautiful works of art, we recommend the Mosaic Tile Museum, the Ceramic Park MINO, the Ikeda Cho Folk Museum, the Museum of Modern Ceramic Art and the Ichinokura Sakazuki Museum.
If you like historic places, how about Eiho-ji Temple (永保寺, Eihoji) on Mt.Kokei (虎渓山, Kokeizan), the Society of the Divine Word, the Tajimi Monastery, the Nishiura Archive (Sekishin Sanzenkura) or the Oribe Pottery House?

If you want to enjoy some natural scenery, you can go to the Nishiura Garden, the Path of Tosai or the Kasahara Shiomi Forest Park.

There are many kinds of festivals and events in Tajimi city such as the Tajimi Festival, the Shuudoin (monastery) Wine Festival, the Michisakari Thanksgiving, the Tajimirukomichi, the Nigiwaiichi [Station Mall], Ogibou No Te (a historical reenactment), the Kasahara Shinmeigu (Kasahara shrine) Autumn Festival, the Akibasama (Akiba shrine), the Tajimi City Fireworks Festival, the Tajimi Pottery Festival, the Ichinokura Touso Festival (Pottery festival), the Tajimi Pottery Festival at Nishi Dori, the Gion Festival, the Oribe Kichakai, the Mino Folk Art Pottery Festival, the Tajimi Chawan (Ricebowl) Festival, the Ichinokura Tou no Sato Festival (Pottery), the Zohogama Tsubaki Exibition, the Honmachi Oribe Street Hina Festival, the International Pottery Festival, the Tajimi Station Kita Beer Garden, the Natsu No Yo Festival (Summer night festival), the Deai Matsuri (Festival of Encounters) and the Minoyaki Festival.

Summary of Tajimi City, Gifu

Tajimi city has a lot of attractive things to do with its delicious food, traditional culture, and beautiful nature.
As shown in the video, not only is it a good place to live, it’s also great for sightseeing as well.

Be sure to check out the video and see the wonders of Tajimi city.
If you like what you see, consider giving it a visit yourself!

【Official Website】Tajimi City Hall

【Tripadvisor】Tajimi City

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Tajimi City in Gifu Prefecture Is a Great Place to Live, and Is Also an Attractive Place to Visit! the City Has Many Facilities Where You Can Get a Taste of Traditional Japanese Crafts, History, and Culture!
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