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Hidaka's Promotional Video

This video, titled "Hidaka, Kochi Prefecture Promotional Video," introduces Hidaka in Takaoka County (高岡郡, Takaokagun), a little-known tourist site with beautiful scenery.
Hidaka carries out a number of tourism promotions under "Ryoma Challenge" to reinvigorate the community.
The village is home to hundreds of artistic landscapes and fascinating tourist spots.

Hidaka stands around 16 km away from Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture, and is about 30 minutes away by car.
This 4-minute clip encapsulates the vast wonders of Hidaka.
Yes, such an attractive village exists in Kochi Prefecture!
Please, enjoy the video.

Recommended Tourist Sites

The Nagoya Sinking Bridge (名越屋沈下橋, Nagoya Chinkabashi), the tasteful bridge introduced at the beginning of the video, abridges the Niyodo River captured at 3:29 in the video.
You'll get to enjoy photogenic scenery by getting a ride on a Yakatabune in the miraculous Niyodo River; the river with the cleanest water in Japan.

The Niyodo River Cycling Course, Kusaka River Retention Basin (日下川調整池, Kusakagawa Choseichi) and the nature around Mt. Otaki (大滝山, Otakisan) are some of the most recommended tourist sites.
The vast Hidaka is also abound with golf courses such as Green Feel Golf Club and Mt. Nishiki (錦山, Nishikiyama) Country Club.
Hidaka hosts Cosmos Festival and a fireworks festival, so we recommend scheduling your vacation around the events.

The Historical Sightseeing Spots of Hidaka

Image of Saruta Cave
Photo:Saruta Cave

Tosaninomiya Omura Shrine (土佐二宮小村神社, Tosaninomiya Omurajinja), introduced from 0:35 in the video, stores Wooden Bosatsu Masks (木造菩薩面, Mokuzo Bosatsu Men), designated as an Important Cultural Property by the government, and Kondosokantachigoshirae・Tachimi (an ancient sword), a National Treasure.
Botan Cedar (牡丹杉, Botansugi), planted in the shrine property, is said to have torched itself when there was something unusual in the village.

Hidaka Washi Factory (ひだか和紙工場, Hidaka Washi Kojo), which produces a traditional local specialty of Hidaka, ‘Yakimonozukuri Mohei Kiln (茂平窯, Moheigama)’ in Mohei’s Village (茂平の里, Moheinosato), Ono Kuwa Factory (大野くわ製造処, Onokuwaseizoudokoro) and Hidaka Sake Brewer Hall (日高酒造ホール, Hidakashuzohoru) are places to visit!
Exploring the Saruta Cave (猿田洞, Sarutado) introduced from 3:12 in the video is definitely an unforgettable experience as well!

Dining in Hidaka

Image of Tea Plantation
Photo:Tea Plantation

Introduced from 1:05 in the video, is Tosa Tea (土佐茶, Tosacha) of Kiriyama Tea Field (霧山茶園, Kiriyamachaen).
Hojicha, made from tea leaves cultivated in a warm climate, is unbelievably delicious!

The sweets using sugar tomatoes, Imokenpi, and Imo Chips, both a product of Imoya Kinjiro Hidaka Honten, are popular in Hidaka.
In addition, Hidaka is famous for Omurice (Omelette rice).
If you are visiting Omurice Street (オムライス街道, Omurice Kaido), be sure to enjoy the special Omurice lunch at "Mura Café Hidaka," a restaurant located inside Village Station Hidaka,

Summary of Hidaka

Hidaka is popular for its calm climate.
Currently, its population is just below 5,000, but migrants have increased as of late.

Many Onsen Ryokan (hot spring inns) and hotels are located in Hidaka, so you can enjoy luxurious tourist routes over the course of a few days.
If you are interested in the tasteful scenery shown in the video, be sure to give Hidaka a visit!


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A Myriad of Tourist Attractions Await You in Hidaka Village, Kochi Prefecture! Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation in the Village Alongside the Niyodo River, the Cleanest Stream in Japan!
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