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Uenohara Tourism Promotional Video

This video is a promotional video on Uenohara, titled "Uenohara - It's Closer Than You Think! Guy's Trip" (実は近いぞ上野原。男たちのアクティビティー編), produced by the Uenohara Tourism Board, in which the destination is explored by three young male travelers.

Located on the extreme eastern edge of Yamanashi Prefecture, Uenohara has an estimated population of 23,160 (July 2019).
It is also known as the location for the Teikyo University of Science.

The video portrays the three young men enjoying the diverse tourist experiences in Uenohara while highlighting the beautiful natural environment.
The natural beauty of Uenohara is sure to get you fired up for a journey into the wilderness.
And why not go? It's only an hour from Tokyo.

Uenohara Is a Great Place to Visit!

Does Uenohara sound familiar to you? Probably not unfortunately...
Too bad... because Uenohara is such a great destination!
The three travelers in the video seem to be having a really great time in Uenohara.
This article is to give more detailed information about the places in Uenohara that appear in the video, so be sure to follow along.

First up, we have Mt. Yaeyama which can be seen at 0:12 in the video. Mt. Yaeyama is easily accessible by car (15mins from Chu-o Ko-soku National Highway, Uenohara IC) and there are parking lots at the foot of the mountain.
The recommended activity in Yaeyama is hiking.
A 20-minute hiking trail leads to an observation deck where you can even see Mt. Fuji, when the weather is nice.
Then they visit Fudo no Taki (a waterfall) from 0:44.
Being showered with negative ions, you may get the chance to encounter wild animals.

After being immersed in Mother Nature, the travelers go to have lunch at the local market, Yuzurihara Furusato Cho-jukan.
"Cho-ju" means longevity in Japanese, and Yuzurihara is known as a village whose residents have a long lifespan.
You can try their "healthy diets" in the restaurant that supports their longevity, with meals such as homemade Tofu, Miso, Yuba, etc.

Liked Even by Hollywood Stars?!

"Seida no Tamaji," a traditional local dish with small potatoes boiled in Miso, is introduced from 1:16.
Uenohara's Mascot character "Tamaji-maru" represents this popular local dish.

Satisfied With Lunch? Time for a Swim!

The travelers try fishing at local campground at 1:27 (The campsites in Japan are often more like a forest park offering outdoor activities).
Surrounded by vast landscapes, Uenohara features many campsites.
Catching and cooking fresh trout on the grill is a great way to spend the day and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

After a good time fishing, they head to "Nagai Saka Manju store" from 1:57, which sells a famous speciality of Uenohara- Saka Manju (Manju is a bun filled with sweet bean paste).
Saka Manju, although pronounced Saka, actually comes from the word "Sake" a type of Japanese alcohol. It is a type of Manju where "Koji" is used to produce fermentation in the dough, which gives it a unique taste and smell.
There are a variety of flavor filled options you can choose from, such as miso, salt, or takana (pickled mustard leaf).

After getting their fill of outdoor activities, the travelers bathe in the hot springs to relieve the wearies of their travels.
The sauna at the day visit spa, Akiyama Onsen, appearing from 2:17, is a steam sauna where you can work up a nice sweat. It also has a swimming pool to cool down afterwards.
The quality of the hot spring is high carbon dioxide gas alkaline.
Akiyama Onsen is easily accessible from the JR Uenohara Station. A pickup shuttle bus is also available.
You can stay overnight in Akiyama Onsen as well, as there are plenty of hotels in the area.

It's time to wrap up the trip -- The three travelers enjoy taking a nice open-air bath.

Festivals and Events in Uenohara

Image of Uenohara  Tsukimigaike Benzaiten Festival
Photo:Uenohara Tsukimigaike Benzaiten Festival

Uenohara boasts a year-round event calender:
Spring - Kotaneishi Shrine Fire Festival, Oome Cherry Blossom Festival, Gundari Shrine Grand Festival, Hirano Takyuyoson Campsite Trout Fishing Championship, Katsuragawa Festival, Yaeyama Trail Race.
Summer - Tsukimigaike Zaibenten Firework Festival, Akiyama Furusato (Local) Festival, Mushono Dainenbutsu, Suwa Shrine Festival, Ushikura Shrine Grand Festival, Nishihara Fujio Lion Dance.
Fall - Yuzurihara Lion Dance performed for the gods, Nishihara Furusato Festival, Gundari Shrine Autumn Festival, Uenohara Commerce and Industry Festival.
Winter - Agricultural and Forestry Festival, Ushikura Shrine Setsubun Festival, Mushono Dainenbutsu.

Other Tourist Attractions in Uenohara

Image of Sagami River cherry blossoms
Photo:Sagami River cherry blossoms

The natural environment in Uenohara provides travelers with a view of the colors of season - pastel pink and fresh green in spring time, or majestic autumn colors.
Mt. Nijurokuya, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Yamanashi; Mt. Gongen, one of the three mountains in Kitatsuru, and also one of the 100 most famous mountains in Yamanashi; Mt. Mikuni, where you can see beautiful Mt. Fuji from the top of the mountain; the clear waters of Sagami River; and Tsurukawa Gorge.

The 500-year-old Gundari Shrine is famous for warding off evil spirits and for good luck in match-making. There are many sightseeing spots where you can feel the history of the city, such as Aonori Temple, where you can enjoy vegetarian cuisine as well.
Aogoke Temple serves traditional Bhuddist cuisine, known as Shojin Ryori, to the visitors.
Uenohara features many golf courses too, including "Maple Point Golf Club" and "Olympic Country Club."

One of the most popular Service Areas on the Chuo National Highway, the Dangozaka Service Area, is also a part of Uenohara (Every Service Area in Japan has unique characteristics selling local products) and is famous as a tourist attraction.

A Summary of Uenohara

So what'd you think of Uenohara? Hopefully we were able to convey some of what it has to offer.
Wilderness awaits you, just an hour from the heart of Tokyo!


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