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Introducing a tourist information video for Narusawa, Yamanashi.

This video introduces Narusawa, Narumitsuru county, Yamanashi in Japan's Kanto region, using time lapse and an air footage from a drone. It was produced by “Narusawa Sightseeing Site.” The title of the video is “Narusawa tour PR movie(鳴沢村観光PRムービー)”.

Narusawa, Minamitsuru in Yamanashi is located at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, surrounded by nature. Narusawa, Minamitsuru, Yamanashi, in Fuji Hakone Izu national park, has an elevation of ~3,300 ft. Be sure to watch the video as you follow along with this article to learn more about Narusawa, a place where many tourists come to visit and enjoy the view of the beautiful, World Cultural Heritage site, Mt.Fuji.

Sightseeing at Narusawa, Yamanashi

Image of Narusawa Ice Cave
Photo:Narusawa Ice Cave

Aokigahara Forest is a very dense and wide sea of trees.
"Narusawa Ice Cave," which you can see in the video at 0:19, is a sacred place created by nature.

We recommend walking around Fujigoko, Sankodai, Gokodai as well as one of the hiking routes of Mt. Fuji to experience the magnificent Japanese nature.

Enjoy the Beautiful View of Mt. Fuji in Narusawa, Yamanashi

Image of Mt Fuji
Photo:Mt. Fuji

Fuji, which takes on different appearances depending on the season and time of day, is great for taking Instagram photos. Watch the video at 0:31 to see how the shadow of Mt Fuji appears over Susono city. The shadow of Mt. Fuji floating in a sea of clouds is a very rare view only available from a viewpoint close to the top of another mountain.

Pearl Fuji, which can be seen at 0:37 in the video, shows a full moon seemingly resting on the top of Mount Fuji. It's a spectacular view that can only be seen if the weather is just right. One of the appeals of climbing Mount Fuji is that you can enjoy the magnificent nature. (Also the bragging rights that come with it).

There are several different ways to enjoy sightseeing at Mt. Fuji. If you are climbing Mt Fuji, look up the stars from the 5th station. Enjoy the cherry blossom views of Tongenji Temple when the temperatures warm up in the spring, watch the maple leaves turn a magnificent red in the fall, admire the scenery of the nearby villages, or enjoy the views around Mt. Fuji.

Activities and Gourmet Food in Narusawa, Yamanashi

Image of Hoto noodle
Photo:Hoto noodle

Try different activities in the nature of Narusawa, Yamanashi. Fujiten Snow resort, Forest Adventure Fuji, Narusawa Ikiki park, and Okuniwa nature park (which you can see in the video at 2:02) are all great places you can visit.

Unsurprisingly, several golf courses are also available in the magnificent nature of Narusawa, Yamanashi, so if you enjoy playing golf be sure to check it out. For gourmet food, we recommend you visit Koyodai Tenbo Rest house and Roadside Station Narusawa in the Fuji Goko area. The local specialty cuisine includes “Hoto noodles” and “Yoshida Udon.” Roadside Station Narusawa also has the “Narusawa Museum of Mt Fuji” where you can learn about the history and nature of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding area. There is a life-sized model of dinosaur, a natural walking path in a lava tube, and an observatory to enjoy a whole view of Mt. Fuji.

Fun events that occur throughout the year in Narusawa include: “Narusawa Tsutsuji Festival,” “Narusawa Harvest Festival,” “Narusawa Agriculture Festival,” “Fuji Narusawa Koyo Roadrace,” and the “Blueberry Festival.” We also recommend booking a hotel or ryokan near Kyuka village and enjoying the natural hot springs.

Summary of Narusawa, Yamanashi

As you can see in the video, there is so much to see and enjoy in the nature around Mt. Fuji. Which sightseeing spot captured your attention?

There are many more popular tourist attractions such as “Blueberry picking,” “Hot springs Yurari,” where you can relax in an onsen with the spectacular Mt. Fuji right in front of your eyes, the “Paddy field,” “Narusawa indoor tennis court,” and more. Be sure to visit Narusawa and discover your favorite tourist spot!

If you want to enjoy the fascinating natural scenery to your heart's content, please visit these popular locations in Narusawa, Yamanashi

【Official Website】Narusawa, Narumitsuru, Yamanashi, Town Hall Website

【Official Website】Home page, Narusawa Official Sightseeing site Narusawa Sansaku Guide

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Introducing “Narusawa, Yamanashi,” Home to the Tallest Mountain in Japan. Behold the Jaw Droppingly Beautiful Scenery of Mt. Fuji.
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