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Hinokage, Miyazaki - Enjoy a Splendid View of Japan

This video, titled "Hinokage" (日之影町), was released by "Miyazaki Prefecture Association of Towns and Villages" (宮崎県町村会).

Hinokage, Miyazaki, has a long history.
Following the abolition of feudal domains in July 1871, the town was renamed Hinokage (日之影町 > 日の影町, different spelling), on January 1, 1951.
Hinokage, Miyazaki Prefecture, has many of the most famous tourist spots in Japan, and is secretly garnering attention as a town with spectacular views and hidden tourist attractions.
Please enjoy the video as it shows the beautiful landscapes of Hinokage, Miyazaki, along with a popular walking course.

Sightseeing Spots in Hinokage, Miyazaki, Where You Can See the Original Scenery of Japan

Here are some popular tourist attractions in Hinokage, Miyazaki.
The highlight of sightseeing in Hinokage is "Sandaikyo"(The Three Great Bridges). These are:

Seiun Bridge: A beautiful arch bridge that boasts the largest scale in the east.
The contrast with the surrounding scenery is magnificent.

・ Ryutenkyo: A bridge for carrying felled trees in harsh climates.
It is the tallest forest road bridge in Japan, built over a deep ravine.

Tensho Ohashi: A concrete arch bridge, with wind power providing nighttime lighting.

・ Ishigaki no Mura, Togawa (Video: 0:13 ~)
A village of 7 houses along the clear, sparkling Hinokage River.
It's made of beautiful stone walls, and there are breathtaking rice terraces in the village that have been selected as one of the Top 100 Rice Terraces of Japan.

・ England House (Video: 1:31 ~)
The building was constructed by Hans Hunter, an Englishman who ran the Mitate Mine, as his own home and quarters for his engineers.
In 2001, it was designated as a Nationally Registered Famous Cultural Property.

Popular Outdoor Activities in Hinokage, Miyazaki, a Scenic Location Overflowing With Natural Beauty

Hinokage, which is blessed with beautiful natural scenery, has many popular outdoor activities.

・Former TR railway site walking course (Video: 1:46 ~)
The area between Gomi Station, Hyuga-Yato Station, and Makimine Station, which was given free of charge from Takachiho Railway, is maintained as a "Forest Therapy Road."
The station building, railway bridge, and railway sleepers are left as they are and are open to the public as a walking route.

・ Nanaore Limestone Cave
A limestone cave designated as a national natural monument.

Hinokage Camp Village (Video: 1:17 ~)
A campsite at the starting point of Forest Therapy Road.
It's a highly recommended facility with bungalows and shower facilities, where you can enjoy mountain stream fishing and playground equipment installed in nature.

Hinokage Kagura - A Great Way To Enjoy the Historical Town of Hinokage, Miyazaki!

As can be seen from 2:07 in the video, in Hinokage, Miyazaki, traditional Japanese Kagura has been passed down amongst the residents for years.
Kagura is a dance dedicated to the gods of Japanese Shintoism, and is modeled on Japanese mythology.
Hinokage has a harsh climate resulting in many years of poor harvests, so the Kagura dance has traditionally been performed to pray for the fertility of the land.
Seeing the breathtaking kagura dance is a great way to remember your trip and will look great on Instagram.

There is also an unusual hot springs hotel in Hinokage.
This is Hinokage Onsen Station & TR Train Inn.
This is a hot spring facility that uses the remains of Takachiho Onsen Station, where you can stay in a train car from that era.

Gourmet Information Around Hinokage, Miyazaki, One of Japan's Most Scenic Places

Image of soft sweet bean jelly or paste
Photo:soft sweet bean jelly or paste

Hinokage is rich in products that come from the mountain, but it is especially famous for producing chestnuts.
In autumn, many large and chewy chestnuts are harvested and used in Japanese sweets, including kuri okowa, kuri manju, and kuri yokan; as well as Western sweets such as Mont Blanc.
There is also a roadside station near Seiun Bridge, where you can enjoy chicken nanban, which is famous as a local dish in Miyazaki prefecture.

Summary of Hinokage, Miyazaki, a Town of History and Nature

Hinokage is a quiet village in the mountains of Miyazaki Prefecture.
It is a popular tourist destination with lots of beautiful natural scenery and various tourist destinations.

Events in Hinokage include the Kagura held in the winter, the carp streaming event in May, and many more.
Please check the official website of Hinokage for a detailed schedule of events.
Enjoy the charm of Hinokage, Miyazaki Prefecture alongside the video.

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Surrounded by Tall Mountains, Hinokage, Miyazaki, is a Series of Deep Valleys Connected via a Network of Bridges! This City, Where the Workings of Nature Call Out to People, Is One of the Most Scenic Spots in Japan!
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