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Introduction of the video where you can enjoy the charm of Shintomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture

This video, titled "PR video of Shintomi, Miyazaki Prefecture by Regional Trading Company Koyu Foundation" (宮崎県新富町PR動画 by 地域商社「こゆ財団」), was released by "Regional Trading Company Koyu Foundation" (地域商社こゆ財団).

Shintomi, Miyazaki, located in Japan's Kyushu region, is a small town belonging to the Koyu District of central Miyazaki Prefecture, about 30 minutes from Miyazaki Airport by car, with a population of about 17,000.
It is just one of the agricultural areas that represent the Miyazaki Plains.
It has a vast agricultural land area of about 460 Tokyo Domes, and is famous as a region where various agricultural products, such as rice, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and kumquats are harvested throughout the year.
The rich coastline is also a spawning ground for loggerhead turtles due to its beauty.

Id addition, strawberries, which can be seen at 0:27 in the video, as well as melons and lychees, shown at 0:58, are also famous desserts that are produced in the area.

The History of Shintomi, Miyazaki

On March 31, 1959, the villages Tomita and Nitta of Miyazaki's Koyu District merged to form Shintomi Town.

In the Shintomi area, which has been located at the mouth of the Hitotsuse River since ancient times, there are many archaeological sites that mark the history of taiko drums.
It is a historical place where you can trace the history of Japan through ruins and relics dating back approximately 12,000 years ago.

Popular Sightseeing Spots in Shintomi, Miyazaki

1. JA Koyu Agricultural and Livestock Products Direct Sales Office, Lupin
With the motto of safety, security, and absolute freshness, you can buy local vegetables, fruits, and beef, pork, and chicken.
Although business hours are short, you can buy a lot of fresh ingredients for low prices here.

2. Tondahama Coast
The Tondahama Coast has a magnificent view of the beautiful sandy beach facing the Pacific Ocean that extends for about 5 km.
It is one of the leading spawning grounds for loggerhead turtles in Japan, and the parent turtles come to spawn around Golden Week.
Members of the Wildlife Study Group also do research here.
The hatching season for the turtles is from late July to October.

3. Shintomi Library
A beautiful library with many books, which happens to be one of the leading tourist spots in Shintomi Town.
There is also a café inside the library, so it's perfect for taking a break to relax while traveling around Miyazaki.

Shintomi Town's Brand Pork

Image of Pork, loin
Photo:Pork, loin

Miyazaki Brand Pork is a famous gourmet food that Shintomi, Miyazaki is proud of.
It has also won the Miyazaki Prefecture Meat and Livestock Fair three times in two consecutive years, and was selected as one of the Top 100 in the Kingdom of Cuisine, and won the Grand Prix at the Kyushu Agricultural Future Awards.

It is a pork brand produced only by producers who have cleared the standards for safe and secure delivery in Miyazaki Prefecture, and is a pork that guarantees a safe, secure taste and quality like Marumi Pork.
Consider giving it a try when you visit Miyazaki Prefecture!

Hometown Tax for Shintomi, Miyazaki

Image of Sweet Potato, Red Haruka
Photo:Sweet Potato, Red Haruka

For those living in Japan, by paying your taxes to Shintomi, Miyazaki Prefecture, you can get a luxurious return worth more than the amount you paid in taxes.

Muskmelons and Wakadori chicken breast from Miyazaki, as well as the prided eggs produced by Koyu Chicken Farm (児湯養鶏) are especially popular.
Other products include Beniharuka, which are ideal for baked sweet potatoes, and ripe mangoes, and lychees.

Summary of Shintomi, Miyazaki

We hope that through this article introducing Shintomi, Miyazaki, a place abundant in nature and delicious gourmet food, you're interesting in visiting!
It's a tourist destination that is deeply connected to the history of Japan, and you can also enjoy the historical scenery of Japan through things like archaeological sites and relics.

Eat delicious food, see beautiful views, and experience the history of Japan.
Consider visiting Shintomi, Miyazaki during your next trip to Japan!

【Official Website】Shintomi, Miyazaki Prefecture City Hall Website


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Shintomi Town - A Popular Tourist Destination in Kyushu's Miyazaki Prefecture Where You Can Enjoy Nature and Gourmet Food in Abundance! There Are so Many Attractive Spots Waiting for You!
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