COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social media video curation site made to share the charms of Japan with people from around the world.


COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「Various Search Functions」

Various Search Functions

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS has a variety of search functions, including free word searching, channel searching with 20 different channels, region searching to explore different parts of Japan, and tag searching to search by tags associated with a video or tags you’re interested in.

Please enjoy the various search functions to discover Japan!
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「Connect With People From All Over the World!」

Connect With People From All Over the World!

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a social inbound site with real-time translation capability! Users from all over the world can communicate smoothly with one another without having to worrying about language barriers.

Enjoy sharing the charms of Japan with other users from not just Japan, but from all over the world, and exchanging information about Japan while communicating across national boundaries!
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「Videos That Let You Quickly Find What You're Interested In」

Videos That Let You Quickly Find What You're Interested In

Each video featured on COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is accompanied by an original video description written by our team of writers, all translated into other languages by native speakers.

Each video is accompanied by links to Wikipedia, TripAdvisor, official websites, information resources, Google Maps, etc., so that you can quickly find what you're looking for.

Free Registration

By registering for a free account with COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, you can access "MyPage" and manage your favorite videos, connected social networking services, and other useful features available only to members.

You can register for an account using your Twitter, Facebook, and Google accounts to log in.
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「A Platform That Attracts Users From Around the World」

A Platform Filled With Videos About Japan

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS is a video curation website where users from around the world gather to learn more about Japan. You can post photos and comments to share information about Japan with the world, and you can use the real-time translation feature to communicate with those same users.
If you want to share places you've visited or attractive Japanese services and products with the world, register as a member and start sharing today!

About Our Videos

COOL JAPAN VIDEOS uses the embedding function (API) of major video sites to share the best videos of Japan with the world.
If you know of a video you'd like to recommend to COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, please let us know by clicking on "Submit Video"!
Our website management staff will carefully review the video and consider publishing it.


We’re not trying to toot our own horn by saying “Japan is cool!” Rather, we want users to use the site in hopes that they will come to think for themselves that “Japan IS cool.”
COOL JAPAN VIDEOS aims to become the most famous site around the world!



Why did we create COOL JAPAN VIDEOS?

Until now, there have been few video curation sites that introduce the beauty of Japan, and we felt that one of the disadvantages of the sites that did exist was that they were flooded with information and good videos became buried.
We also felt a sense of urgency about false information being spread around the world, such as videos that aren't Japanese being passed off as being Japanese.

With that in mind, we decided to choose videos that are full of information about Japan (from our point of view) and introduce them to the world.
We hope that these videos will help to convey the beauty of Japan to both people in Japan, people in other countries, and everyone else who watches them.
Since the selection of the videos and the descriptions of the videos include our own biases, if you believe there are any mistakes or have opinions you would like to share, please feel free to contact us.
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「There's More to Japan Than We Know」

There's More to Japan Than You Know

From famous tourist spots that everyone knows, to small but wonderful places that only the local people know about, there are plenty of amazing places to visit in Japan.
Our team has also made many new discoveries in the process of selecting videos.
People overseas have no way of learning about anything but the famous places listed in guidebooks, so we decided that we wanted to share the lesser known, hidden gems of Japan with the rest of the world.

We're sure that if you've been to Japan you enjoyed visiting popular tourist destinations recommended by travel guides, etc., but there are many more wonderful places in Japan that even we Japanese do not know about.
With that in mind, we decided we wanted to share the hidden charms of Japan with the people of the world.

We believe that each and every contribution will help to share Japan's beauty with the rest of the world, so that others can experience and appreciate it.
To that end, we hope that you will help contribute to our community so that people around the world will come to understand the beauty of Japan.
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「We Want People to Know More About What Japan Has to Offer」

We Want People to Know More About What Japan Has to Offer

We Want People to Know More About What Japan Has to Offer
Japan is not just a place of tourist destinations, but also a beautiful country with traditional culture forged by our ancestors, modern culture that has evolved uniquely in Japan, and the natural beauty of the four seasons.

In order to share this beauty with the rest of the world, we have created 20 different channels for COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
In addition, each video has detailed tags related to its content, and you can find other related videos using the tags of the video you are watching.
We hope that you can discover something about Japan that you never knew!
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「Breaking the Barrier Between Japan and the Rest of the World」

Breaking the Barrier Between Japan and the Rest of the World

Breaking the Barrier Between Japan and the Rest of the World

The Japanese are not very good at the global language of English, and those who wanted to share their knowledge of Japan with the rest of the world were finding it difficult to do so because of their limited English skills.

By using the real-time translation feature of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, we have made it possible for people with limited English skills to share their knowledge and information with the rest of the world.

We hope you will enjoy communicating with local Japanese and making friends from around the world.

Reviving "MADE IN JAPAN"

Until recently, Japanese products and goods were known around the world as "Made in Japan."
In recent years, the manual work done by Japanese craftsmen has been replaced by machines, and due to price competition and other factors, the demand for affordable products as opposed to high-quality products has been increasing, and traditional crafts that had been handed down for centuries have been lost due to a lack of successors.
In the midst of this situation, in addition to automobile exports, which are the mainstay of Japan's export industry, recently, Japanese culture, including "Washoku" and Wagyu beef," recognized as intangible cultural heritages by UNESCO, have begun to be recognized around the world.

However, there are still many world-class products, goods, and services in Japan, and we hope to further expand the MADE IN JAPAN brand to the world by sharing this information with the world.
We hope that by expanding the market not only domestically but also internationally, we will be able to foster successors and revitalize the economy.
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「In Wake of the Global Pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus」

In Wake of the Global Pandemic of the Novel Coronavirus

The global pandemic the novel coronavirus in 2020 has caused the world's economies to stagnate, and the Japanese tourism industry, as well as small and medium-sized businesses, have been hit hard.
As Japanese citizens, we, the COOL JAPAN VIDEOS team, made many new discoveries about Japan in making COOL JAPAN VIDEOS.
We hope that the people of Japan will be able to experience these discoveries as well.
We also want users all over the world to know that there are great places, great things, and great people in Japan.
It is precisely at times like this that we hope that COOL JAPAN VIDEOS will help people to learn about the beauty of Japan online, and that they will want to visit the country after the world has overcome the virus.
We hope that COOL JAPAN VIDEOS can help all companies and businesses that are interested in inbound travel to Japan.
COOLJAPANVIDEOS ABOUT「A Message from the Producer」

A Message from the Producer

When I was a child I lived in New York and Paris for around 10 years due to my father's work, and during that time I was able to travel to the surrounding countries and experience various foreign cultures, which was a very valuable experience in my life.
After returning to Japan, I was able to see Japan objectively both as a Japanese person and as a foreigner, and I realized that there are many more attractive things in Japan than we Japanese might think.
As I came of age, I discovered the appeal of domestic travel, often traveling farther and farther from home for road trips and delicious food, and seeing some of the most famous tourist sites during my travels.
I thought that I had seen everything Japan had to offer, but when I began making COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, I found so many wonderful places that I had no idea existed, as well as information that I had never had the opportunity to learn about, especially in terms of culture.

In the midst of it all, Japan is currently experiencing a global pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus that would have been unimaginable just a year ago.
I have been working on this project in the hope that it will help to support the tourism industry, cultural organizations, traditional accommodations, and other industries who have continued to preserve the spirit of our ancestors.
I hope that the new coronavirus will be contained as soon as possible, and that we can use this time to rediscover the hidden beauty of Japan.
I also hope that through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS, people around the world can rediscover the charms of Japan and help contribute to an increase in the number of tourists coming to Japan after we have overcome the virus together.

In addition, the real-time translation feature of COOL JAPAN VIDEOS allows users to communicate smoothly with people from all over the world.
It's my dream that people around the world can learn about the charms of Japan through COOL JAPAN VIDEOS and come visit Japan after the corona epidemic has ended!

We look forward to welcoming you to Japan with a heart of hospitality!
Producer Shigemi Sasano

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