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PR Video of Mountain Climbing at the Northern Alps' Hakuba Mountain Range- "The Backbone of Japan"

This official PR video of Hakuba village, titled “Hakuba village [Dramatic Nature Days – Mountain]"(白馬村公式ムービー【Dramatic Nature Days - Mountain】)” is a time-lapse video produced by the Hakuba tourist office.

The Northern Alps' Hakuba Mountain Range is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago.
Its structure, which lies between the Japanese sea and the Pacific Ocean, creates dynamic scenery.

This two minutes video features the beautiful views of the Hakuba mountain range and recommended tourist spots in Hakuba village.

Events in Hakuba, Nagano

Image of Hakuba Village in the Spring
Photo:Hakuba Village in the Spring

Hakuba village in Nagano prefecture is a popular tourist spot in Japan.
Tourists can enjoy various activities throughout the year, such as hot springs, mountain climbing, skiing, cycling, and camping.
It is also famous as a summer resort where many tourists visit due to it's comfortable climate.

The Northern Alps is a great location where people can enjoy various outdoor activities such as trekking and mountain climbing while seeing fabulous natural views including flowers, snow, wildlife, and more.

The Northern Alps - The Mountaineer Mecca

Image of the Northern Alps
Photo:The Northern Alps

The rugged mountains shown in the video are the Northern Alps.
Hakuba Village is one of Japan's most famous mountaineering spots thanks to the Hakuba mountain range.

The Japanese Alps and Mt. Fuji are two of the world's most sacred mountaineering destinations and attract many climbers every year, but the Hakuba mountain range has more than 17 of the most famous peaks.
Shirouma-dake,” “Shakushi-dake,” and “Yariga-dake” are well-known as “The Three Peaks of Hakuba.”

Some of the peaks are:
Goryu-dake (9,232 ft.) (~0:44)
Karamatu-dake (8,845 ft.) (~0:49)
・Yariga-dake (9524 ft.) (~1:22)
・Shakushi-dake (9,225 ft.) (~1:26)
・Shirouma-dake (9,619 ft.) (~1:42)

If you enjoy climbing, be sure to carry rain gear and a map, even if you're enjoying a beginner's trekking trail, as the weather in the mountains can change easily.
In the Hakuba mountain range, you can see rare alpine flowers and animals that cannot be found in the plains. Taking a commemorative photo with the Hakuba mountain range in the background is a great way to remember your trip. Be sure to share it on Instagram!

The Hot Springs of Hakuba Village

Hakuba village is very popular as a hot springs area.
The most recommended spot is "Hakuba Yari Onsen" (白馬鑓温泉) in the middle of Yariga-dake.
You can see this hot spring in this video at 0:33.

The view of the rising sun and star sprinkled sky from the open air bath are remarkable!
100 people can stay at the Hakuba Yari Onsen lodge and about 15 people can stay in a tent.
The Yari Onsen lodge is a great spot where visitors can enjoy both hot springs and nature.

If you would like more information about other accommodations in Hakuba village as well as access information, please see the official website of Yariga Onsen or the Hakuba village tourist office's website.

The Nagano Olympics in Hakuba Village

Be sure to check out the following facilities used as competition venues during the Nagano Olympics:
Hakuba Ski Slope
・Hakuba Cross Country Stadium "Snow Harp"
Hakuba village is in a snowy area of Japan.
Visitors can enjoy skiing or snow boarding in fresh powdery snow.
You'll be amazed at the amazing snowscape that stretches as far as the eye can see.

Summary of Hakuba Village

Image of Hakuba mountain and Oide Park in spring
Photo:Hakuba mountain and Oide Park in spring

Hakuba village is a great tourist spot with fierce weather and rich natural surroundings.
There are other attractive places that weren't shown in the video as well.
For example, you can remnants of the Jomon period at Aoni in Hakuba village.

Also there are other experienced based activities where you can feel the history and culture of Japan, such as making Tonbo dama (glass beads), watching fireflies, or making soba (Japanese noodles).
You can enjoy the magnificent views of Hakuba mountain range in this video.

The vast sea of clouds extending to the horizon (0:06) and the star sprinkled skies (1:08) will take your breath away.

【Official Website】Hakuba Village Official Tourist Website

【Official Website】Hakuba Village Office Official Website

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Enjoy the Gorgeous Views of the Glorious Northern Alps of Hakuba Village! This Video Features the Unparalleled Views of the Northern Alps’ Sea of Clouds, and Star Sprinkled Sky; Sights You Can’t Experience Anywhere Else
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