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From Historic Buildings to the Great Outdoors! Get a Taste of Japanese Culture With a Visit to Chiba Prefecture!

This video is “CHIBA promotion movie (120-sec 2nd version)【2017】” (【2017】千葉県イメージアップ動画(120秒)), created by the Official Chiba PR Channel.

Chiba prefecture is excellent not only for its magnificent natural scenery, such as the sea and mountains, but also for its many historical and cultural monuments.
Chiba prefecture is full of attractive characteristics of Japan.
As a door to Japan, Narita Airport welcomes many foreign visitors with the Japanese spirit of hospitality every day.
In this article, we will introduce amazing sightseeing spots in Chiba prefecture. Be sure to follow along with the video.

Enjoy All Four Seasons in Chiba!

Image of Boso Flower Line, Chiba
Photo:Boso Flower Line, Chiba

If you visit Minamiboso in Chiba, you can enjoy driving through the Boso Flower Line with colorful flowers in bloom between January and April. If you want to go swimming in the sea or enjoy fireworks, it’s best to go in July or August.
In fall, it’s worth going to watch the "Ohara Naked Festival" in Isumi, where more than ten portable shrines are thrown into the sea all at once.
You can see it at 1:06 in the video.

At Kameyama Lake in Kimitsu, you can try cycling, hiking, boating, and fishing. Many tourists visit there during fall.
You can see the beautiful autumn leaves at Kameyama Lake from 1:19 in the video.

Kominato Railway is a retro-inspired local train line running around Ichihara city, Chiba.
There are nostalgic atmospheres along the railway lines and station buildings, and they are often used for shooting TV dramas and commercials.
In spring, the area around the railway track is filled with rapeseed, and you can see the scenery as if you were running on a yellow carpet.
This video shows Kominato Railway running through yellow fields filled with rape blossoms from 2:04.

Surrender to the Nature of Chiba Prefecture

Mt. Nokogiri, Chiba
Photo:Mt. Nokogiri, Chiba

A tour of the majestic oceans and mountains, is an essential part of any visit to Chiba Prefecture.
You can enjoy hiking and climbing at Mt. Nokogiri, which is famous for its panoramic view of Futtsu Cape in Tokyo Bay, and fruit picking experiences such as strawberry picking.

Byobugaura in Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture, introduced at 0:56 in the video, is a rough-hewn cliff formed by wave erosion, and is so spectacular that it has been called the "Dover of the East."
As Chiba prefecture is surrounded by the sea, you can also try marine sports like kite-surfing or enjoy whale watching.

Historical Monuments and Cultural Spots

Image of Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple
Photo:Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple is famous for Hatsumode (the first shrine visit of New Year).
Approximtely three million people visit the temple for Hatsumode.
Many tourists visit this temple throughout the year, not only for worship and sightseeing, but also for experiencing Japanese culture, such as Gogoma and Zazen.
This video introduces some of Chiba Prefecture's most famous historical attractions, including Tateyama Castle, a koto (Japanese harp) performance at Tojo House, and Kotokuji Temple.

Also, Suigo Sawara, (the image at the top of this article), is known as “Little Edo in Hokuso,” This is an artistic town where buildings from the Taisho period still remain.
During the Edo period, wholesalers and breweries used to line the banks of the Ono River.
Fortunately, this town survived World War II and was not damaged during the war.
In 1996, it was registered in the "Groups of Traditional Buildings," and many buildings are still used as restaurants and shops to this day.
One of the pleasures of sightseeing in Sawara is visiting the chic townscapes on a boat operated by a sento (a traditional Japanese boatman).

Popular Sightseeing Spots to Visit!

This isn't everything Chiba has to offer either.
A day trip to Chiba is also possible from Tokyo, so you can visit Chiba easily for a date or family day trip.
In addition to the spots in this video, you can also visit Tokyo Disney Land, Tokyo Disney Sea, Kamogawa Sea World, Mother Farm, Mitsui Outlet Park, Funabashi Andersen Park, Nomizo Waterfall, Oyama-Senmaida, Umihotaru, IKSPIARI, La La Port Tokyo-Bay, ZOZO Marine Stadium, Chiba Prefectual Museum of Art, Sanyo Media Flower Museum, AEON Mall Makuhari New City, Choshi Fishery, Tokyo German Village, Yoro Keikoku, and more.
Find your favorite sightseeing spot in Chiba!

Popular Local Food in Chiba

Don't miss out on the food when traveling to Chiba, either.
Chiba has a wide range of local dishes, such as a namero (minced fish) bowl, a fresh water bowl, Katsuura dan-dan noodles, and even peanuts. Which local food in Chiba are you interested in most?

Overview of Chiba Sightseeing Introduction

Chiba prefecture is the best place for a day trip in Japan, and it's very close to the capital Tokyo.
If you want to fully enjoy your stay in Chiba, we recommend booking an overnight stay at a one of the nearby hotels. There are plenty of hot springs, hotels, and inns in the area.
It's a great way to casually experience Japanese culture through nature, hot springs, historical monuments, etc.
The video introduces many events, activities, sightseeing spots, and photogenic scenery that we couldn't get to in this article, such as the Tateyama Bay Fireworks Festival, marine sports, and the Chiba Aqua Marine Marathon.
Be sure to take a look at the video and see what else Chiba has to offer.

You can enjoy traveling in Chiba however you like, so take your time planning out everything you want to do before visiting. Also take a look at the websites below for more information about what Chiba has to offer.

【Official Website】Chiba Prefectural Government Website

【Official Website】Official Chiba Travel Guide

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