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The Shiro-bai Police Officers' Performance at the Motor Sports Festival!

This video, titled "HSR Kyushu Motor Sports Festival, Shiro-bai vs CB750F②, The godlike driving techniques of the shiro-bai police officers!" (HSR九州 モースポフェス 白バイvs CB750F② 白バイ隊員の神業的ライテク), shows the incredible skills displayed at the Honda Safety & Riding Motor Sports Festival in Kyushu.

Many riders gather at this big event that features motor sports from all over the world, driving motor sport fans wild.
In this MO-SPO Festival, one category in particular is grabbing peoples’ attention: the godly performance by the shiro-bai police officers.
Firstly, take a look at the video to see the awesome techniques of the shiro-bai police officers that protect Japan.

More About Japan's Shiro-bai

Image of Shiro-bai and police officers
Photo:Shiro-bai and police officers

In Japan, since 1918 (when shiro-bai (white motorcyles) were first introduced to the metropolitan police department), police officers have used shiro-bai to enforce traffic regulations.
In addition to traffic regulation enforcement and patrols, shiro-bai is used as a leading vehicle in marathons and long-distance relay races.

The shiro-bai at the imperial guard headquarters however, is used exclusively to escort and protect important figures.
The shiro-bai has various equipment such as a “speed-measuring indicator” that measures the speed of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit.
Some other features of the shiro-bai is a siren and a speaker used for voicing warnings.

Training and Improving Shiro-bai Techniques

Image of Photo:Shiro-bai and police officer
Photo:Shiro-bai and police officer

Shiro-bai police officers belong to the Traffic Police Force and gain the right to be trained to ride a shiro-bai only after they have passed the required examinations.
The Traffic Police Force devote tremendous effort to their shiro-bai training in order to prevent accidents.

The large motorcycle used as a shiro-bai is very big.
In order to drive freely on public roads, police officers repeatedly undergo training such as figure eight runs and wheelie tests in addition to daily practice routines such as acceleration and corner turning.

The "CB750F" Shiro-bai

Image of white motorcycle

Honda’s CB750F is one type of shiro-bai used by the Japanese police.
The CB750F used by the Traffic Police Force is highly popular among motorcycle fans and is the focus of many MO-SPO Festivals.

As you can see in the video, their performance in the MO-SPO Festival is very graceful and thrilling to watch.

Check Out the Various Performances Shown in the Video

At the start of the video, you can see 6 shiro-bai chasing a single motorcycle fleeing at high speed.
They finish going around the HSR Kyushu course, the venue of the MO-SPO Festival, in an instant, and arrest the mischievous runaway driver in front of the audience.
You can observe the arrest from 1:00 in the video.

Next, we see the graceful performances of the shiro-bai from 2:11 in the video.
In the figure eight run, they brilliantly control the large motorbike, showing off incredible techniques such as wheelies and exciting the crowd.
Many audience members can be heard gasping in amazement at the magnificent techniques of the shiro-bai.

Summary of the Driving Techniques of Japan’s Shiro-Bai Police Officers

It takes intense training to be able to freely control the motorcycle at will and perform such incredible, "godlike" techniques like you saw in the video.

The Japanese shiro-bai police officers brush up their driving techniques daily in order to prevent accidents.
Please enjoy the fruits of their daily training and practice through this video!

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Shiro-Bai:  Japan's White Motorcycle Police Officers! Check Out the Godlike Techniques of the Coolest Law Enforcement Group in Japan!
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