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This video, titled "Nippon Sport Science University・Precision Marching 2019 / Kanagawa Shimbun (Kanaloco)" (日体大・集団行動2019/神奈川新聞(カナロコ)), was released by "kanaloco."

Precision marching is when a group makes disciplined movements all at once.
At the "Physical Education Research and Demonstration Presentation" held by the Nippon Sport Science University, incredible performances, that would surprise even people from abroad, are held.

Their perfectly coordinated performance is enough to give you goosebumps if it's your first time seeing it.
It's amazing that each person acts individually, but when viewed as a whole, they are united as one.
The perfect timing that allows them to not bump into each other during intersecting situations is incredible.
It's a performance that will have you wondering how it's even possible when there are no markers or landmarks used.

Nippon Sport Science University's Precision Marching Will Give You Goosebumps! Nippon Sport Science University's Athletic Research Demonstration Was a Highlight of the Event!
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