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Nippon Sports Science University's Shuudan Koudou

This video, titled "Nippon Sport Science University Shuudan Koudou 2017" (日体大 集団行動2017), is a recorded video of Shuudan Koudou, uploaded by “nogutan2.”
Some people might have heard or seen Shuudan Koudou on TV or on a news website before.

Shuudan Koudou is synchronized movements performed by students from Nippon Sports Science University.
Students make perfect lines and march while changing formations and crossing paths without disturbing the lines.
Check out the video of the world-class beautiful performance.

Nippon Sports Science University's Historic Shuudan Koudou

It all started about 40 years ago when the idea of Shuudan Koudou was brought up at Nippon Sports Science University.
Shuudan Koudou was started to practice disciplined movement, and every year the quality of the performance increases.
You can hear the audience cheering during this beautiful performance of high quality Shuudan Koudou.

Several reactions from both Japan and different countries after they have seen the performance of Shuudan Koudou.
Many people say it's impressive, and some people even mention getting goose bumps from the performance.
It's also very reminiscent of precise military marching.

The Rigorous Practice of Shuudan Koudou

Shuudan Koudou is not forced on students at Nippon Sports Science University.
Students who are willing to participate gather and practice on a daily basis.
There are actually too many students who are willing to join the club, therefore, auditions are held in order to decide who can participate.

The current coach of Shuudan Koudou at Nippon Science University is Nobuhiko Kiyohara.
Since Kiyohara became coach 5 months ago, the total length of walk in the practice is said to have increased to over 1,000 km.
Recently, more research towards the performance of Shuudan Koudou is being conducted, and it has been evolving and becoming more precise and beautiful.

At Nippon Sports Science University, a sports research presentation is held every other year to show the audience the results of practice.
The performance of Shuudan Koudou is one of the most popular performances at this demonstration.
There is a world tour of Shuudan Koudou as well, and it has become very popular globally.

The Highlight of Shuudan Koudou

You can see the beautiful performance born of the hard work of the students in this video.
Make sure to also pay attention to 0:40 in the video to see the walking performance.
The movement of the arms and swinging of the legs is perfectly aligned.

Also, don't miss the skill of the performers crossing paths with each other while at a trot.
There are so many more impressive performances in this 10 minutes video, so we recommend not skipping anything.
Find your favorite performance!

Summary of Shuudan Koudou

Shuudan Koudou continues to gain attention, as some other schools have already started new club activities like Shuudan Koudou, such as Shudan Taisou (Gymnastics), and mass games.
The presentation of Nippon Sport Science University's Shuudan Koudou has been very popular and it's very difficult to purchase tickets.

If you wish to watch the live performance of Shuudan Koudou, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance. If you still haven't yet, be sure to check out the video to see the amazing performances of Shuudan Koudou!

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Oct. 24, 2020
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The Outstanding Performance of Nippon Sport Science University's
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