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This video, titled "Japanese University Team Wins Gold With Their Breathtaking Dance [FISU 1st World University Cheerleading Championships] Team Cheerleading and Hip Hop Dancing" (日本人大学生チームが息の合ったキレキレダンスで金メダル獲得 「FISU第1回世界大学チアリーディング選手権大会」 チームチア・ チームヒップホップ), was released by "oricon."
br> You can watch the dance performances of Soka University students who represented Japan at the FISU (Federation of International University Sports) 1st World University Cheerleading Championships in Poland in 2018.
br> The Soka University dance team won gold medals in two competitions: the Team Cheer/Hip Hop Doubles and the Team Cheer/Team Hip Hop.

This Japanese University Team Takes the #1 Spot With Their Wicked Dance Moves! Check Out Their Dynamic Dance Moves in Perfect Unison!
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