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This video, titled "Three Japanese Winners at the Lausanne International Ballet (10/02/2019)" (ローザンヌ国際バレエで快挙 日本人の3人が入賞(19/02/10)), was released by "ANNnewsCH."

The news featured in this video is that three Japanese teenage dancers won prizes at the Lausanne International Ballet Competition, a gateway to young dancers, in 2019.

Third place went to 18 year old Sumina Sasaki, from Higashi Osaka City, fourth place went to Yu Wakizuka, 17, from Osaka City, and eighth place went to 18 year old Mio Sumiyama, from Tokyo, who is currently studying at a ballet school in Zurich, Switzerland.

Three Japanese Dancers Win Prizes at the Prix de Lausanne, a Gateway to Success for Young Dancers! Don't Miss These Winning Performances, Which Are Expected to Take the Performers to the World Stage!
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