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A Japanese DJ wins the World Championship!

This video, publicized by "ANNnewsCH’, is entitled ‘“Unique” Japanese DJ Tops, Wins World Championships (19/09/29)(“独創的”日本人DJが頂点に 世界大会で優勝(19/09/29))".

DJ Matsunaga won ‘Battle for World Supremacy 2019’ of ‘DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS’, one of the biggest DJ championships in the world which decides the top DJ in the world, held in London in September 2019, showing off his incredible techniques.
‘DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS’ is a competition where DJs from all over the world compete with their techniques within a time limit.
DJ Matsunaga had earlier won the Japanese competition ‘DMC JAPAN FINAL’ and had procured the right to represent Japan.

At such a prestigious competition, DJ Matsunaga beat K-Swizz, the defending champion from New Zealand, enchanting the entire venue with his unique and funky style, despite it being his first time competing.
In the interview after becoming the new champion, which can be seen from 0:25 in the video, DJ Matsunaga says “I’m yet to accept this as a reality, so I guess, for now, I’ll prepare to appreciate the feeling when it comes.”

From 0:08 in the video, watch the performance that gave him the victory.

Who Is DJ Matsunaga, Now a World-Champion DJ?

DJ Matsunaga’s full name is Kunihiko Matsunaga.
He was born in August 1990 and he is 29 years old as of April 2020. His blood type is B.
He participated with a casual outfit in this competition, but his characteristic is that he wears suits even during his performances.
The reason for this he says, is that he is in his most perfect form when wearing a suit.

He is very well-humored and when being introduced as the DMC Champion, he was mistakenly called as DJ Nakamura by the MC but spun it in a humorous light.
‘Creepy Nuts’, a DJ hip-hop unit of 1MC1 to which he belongs, has a regular radio program despite being a group of musicians, and open up an exhilarating talk with ‘R-Shitei (R-指定, R-Shitei)’, the other member.

DJ Matsunaga as a DJ

What’s surprising about DJ Matsunaga’s career is that he accomplished the feat of becoming a champion of the DMC DJ Championship in Hokkaido in 2010, only 3 years after he embarked on his journey of becoming a DJ.
Until 2016, he was simultaneously working as a TOC live DJ for the hip-hop unit Hilcrhyme.

And in 2019, as mentioned earlier, he topped at DMC JAPAN, which is also a qualifier for DMC WORLD, and he was given the title of ‘Japan’s Number 1 DJ’ on his official profile.
His title eventually changed to ‘World’s Number 1 DJ’ after being crowned as the champion at DMC WORLD.

Success with Creepy Nuts

In the hip-hop unit Creepy Nuts, DJ Matsunaga unleashes his worlds-best technique as a trackmaker and turntablist.
‘R-Shitei’, the other member, topped at free-style rapping in a program called Free-Style Dungeon, and together they light up the hip-hip world.

Having showed a formidable presence in clubs and live-houses, they participated in the large-scale rock-festival ‘Fuji Rock’ in 2014, and debuted on a major label in 2017 with the single ‘High School Debut, Uni Debut, We Failed All but Major Debut. (高校デビュー、大学デビュー、全部失敗したけどメジャーデビュー。, Koko-Debyu, Daigaku-Debyu, Zenbu Shippai Shita-kedo Meja-Debyu.)’.

Check out the Worlds-Best-Performance of DJ Matsunaga!

So what did you think?
Do you feel like listening to the world's best DJ, DJ Matsunaga?

DJ Matsunaga can be described as one of few people that changed the prevailing perception of the hip-hop world being formidable and distant, into a more familiar, pop-like image.
Enjoy the techniques of the world’s best DJ.

【Official Website】DMC World DJ Championships - The Home Of The Worlds Biggest DJ Competition

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The Unique Artist Turning the DJ World Upside Down. Check out the Tracks of, and Interview With DJ Matsunaga, Winner of the World DJ Tournament!
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