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Rockabilly Culture in Japan by James Partridge

It is a documentary that follows a young man living in Tokyo, who loves Rockabilly culture. This video was created by NOWNESS. The young man in the video is Daigo Yamashita, known as JOHNNY. He uses pomade to help him rock his 50's hairstyle.

This video focuses on Daigo’s daily life of dancing and singing as a musician. How deep is his passion for Rockabilly? Let's find out!

What Is Rockabilly? The History and Origin of Rockabilly in Japan

Rockabilly started in the early 1950s, and it is a mix of country music, bluegrass and other kinds of music. Famous Rockabilly singers are Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins.

The history of Rockabilly culture started around the late 1950s. However, around the late 60s, the "group sounds" boom arrived, and Rockabilly slowly started to fade out.

Enjoy “Rockabilly culture” in the middle of Japan! A revival of this 50's style?

There are people who get together on weekends at Yoyogi park to enjoy Rockabilly culture. These people are called “Rockabilly Zoku (Tribe)”. Watching the video of elderly men dancing at Yoyogi park might tempt you to go join in on the fun. Take a look at the video from 3:14 to see Rockabilly Zoku’s activity at Yoyogi park.

As Daigo Yamashita stated in the video at 3:33, people who enjoy Rockabilly culture are getting older.

Sharing Rockabilly Culture With the Younger Generation

Daigo Yamashita, known as JOHNNY, works as a musician at night. He works as a musician about 20 times a month to spread the Rockabilly culture. Check the video to see a man and a woman dancing at a dance hall with the oldies music from the 50s. You can also see Daigo Yamashita as a musician from 4:55.

Daigo’s goal is to spread the Rock n Roll and Rockabilly cultures to the younger generations.
He was influenced by many Japanese rock singers when he was a child, and it seems like he is seeking to influence young people through his music the same way he was influenced as a child.

Summary of Japan's Rockabilly Culture

This article talked about the video of Rockabilly culture in Japan. You can see Daigo Yamashita enjoying his daily life of following the old trend.

The video of Daigo enjoying the old trend might make you feel like something is missing in your life. If this video has you interested in Rockabilly culture, be sure to find a local venue to enjoy some Rock n Roll music!

There are some classic stores like “Jumpin’ Jack’s” in the video at 1:56, where you can purchase some fancy rockabilly style clothing. Who knows, Rockabilly culture might make a comeback and another rockabilly boom could occur in the future.

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Daigo Yamashita - Learn About Japanese Rockabilly Culture
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