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Introducing the Cat Café Culture of Japan!

This video is titled "Cat Café Nyaon PV" (猫カフェ 猫音(ニャオン)PV) and is a promotional video for Cat Café Nyaon, a cat café in Osaka.
In Japan, there are cat cafes, where you can spend time playing with charming cats.
At a cat café, you can feed a wide variety of cats and play with them with various toys.
It is also fun to take photos of pretty cats climbing on the cat towers. They are very photogenic.

Cat cafes are cafes where people drink and eat. As such, they serve you delicious food in a hygienic container with a lid as shown from 1:14.
Friendly cats are allowed in the dining area, too. They come on top of the table and invite you to play. They are very cute.
Enjoy the modern Japanese culture of cat cafes as shown in the video.

What Are Japan's Cat Cafes?

Image of cat cafe
Photo:Cat cafe

The origin of cat cafes goes back to Nekokaen, opened in Taiwan in 1998. In Japan, the first cat café opened in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture in Japan's Kansai region in 2004.
The history of cat cafes is still very short, and it is a modern Japanese culture. However, there are many cat café fans who want to spend a fun time with cats.
A movie called ‘Cat Café (猫カフェ Nekokafe)’ was released in 2018. It was a really hot topic at the time.

Since the cats at the cat cafes are prone to stress, most cafes give them a regular health check.
There are some cat cafes where you can meet pedigree cats, while others keep mixed breed or abandoned cats.
There are also adoption cafes, too, where you can adopt a cat of your choice. If you want to get a cat in Japan, perhaps you can visit one of these places.

About Cat Café Nyaon

Cat Café Nyaon shown in the video is in the Naniwa district of Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. As you approach the front door of the cat world, cat ornaments welcome you. This is shown from 0:07.

Once in the café, you are in the world of cats. You are surrounded by cat-related items such as picture books and other cat-like objects. You can see the inside of the café from 0:27 in the video.
You can spot other small cat fixtures throughout the video as well.
How many can you spot?

At Cat Café Nyao, six café cats entertain visitors.
With these cute cats, you should be able to take photos perfect for Instagram.

Let’s Go to a Cat Café!

Image of napping cat
Photo:A napping cat

In Kyoto, where many foreign tourists visit for sightseeing, there are cat cafes such as Tango in Saiin, that is easily accessed from Kyoto station. There is also Jiji in Uji, Mocha in Kawara Town, Gallery Cats Eye in Maruta Town and Marumari in Shugakuin.

There are many more cat cafes in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Akihabara in Tokyo.
There are various cat cafes in Chiba Prefecture, Nara Prefecture and Fukuoka Prefecture in addition to Saitama Prefecture, Yokohama City, Nagoya City and Osaka City. Why not visit a cat café during your stay in Japan.

Summary of Japan's Cat Cafes

As seen in the video, cat cafes are a part of Japanese culture. You can be surrounded by many kinds of cats and spend a relaxing time with them.
The admission varies from one café to another. You pay around 1,000 yen per hour at most cat cafés for admission. Food and drinks that you order are charged separately.

Please be aware that there are many rules for spending time with the animals.
You can check the café ranking, recommendations and opening hours on the internet prior to your visit. We hope you find a fantastic cat café.

◆Cat Café ~ Nyaon ~ ◆
【Address】3-7-24, Nihonbashi Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 556-0025 Japan
【Access】1 minute-walk from Exit 1-A5 of Ebisu Station on Subway Sakaisuji Line
【Admission】1,080 Yen~/60 minutes, 1,480 Yen~/90 minutes (drinks charged separately)
【Hours】Around 13:45~21:00
【Closures】Not regularly closed
【Telephone No.】06-7503-5702

【Official Website】Cat Café ~ Nyaon ~ | A secret café for adults and cats

【TripAdviser】Cat Café Nyaon

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Spend a Relaxing Time With Charming Cats at a Cat Café! They Make You Smile Just by Looking at Them!
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