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A Look at Wonderful Nature Village!

This is a video titled "Wonderful Nature Village Promotional Video" (わんダフルネイチャーヴィレッジプロモーション映像), created by "Wonderful Nature Village."

Wonderful Nature Village is an outdoor facility inside Akikawa Kyuryo, located next to Tokyo Summer Land in Akiruno, Tokyo.

The expansive grounds include a dog run, as well as facilities such as a dog pool, hiking trails and a campground.
Wonderful Nature Village is the perfect outdoor complex for those who want to spend a fun-filled day playing with their dogs.

The Facilities at Wonderful Nature Park

The dog run at Wonderful Nature Village, one of the biggest dog runs in Tokyo, is incredibly popular.
Not only does it have an all dog area, but also a medium and large dog area, a small dog area, and a covered area, so you and your pal can make all different kinds of friends.
The dog pool featured at "Wonderful Point 6" at 3:24 in the video includes a dog beach and doggy pool where you and your pal can play with fountains and cascading water.

At "Wonderful Point 1," shown at 0:25 in the video, features a pathway made of Oya stones that don't get hot on hot summer days.

The Activities at Wonderful Nature Village

At Wonderful Nature Village there's a Lakeside Auto Camping Field and Hilltop Auto Camping Field where you can stay with your pet, a spot for canoeing/kayaking, sport fishing and regular fishing, and a kids' area where kids can play in the athletic areas for hours of fun.

If you want to enjoy the seasonal scenery of Wonderful Nature Village, you can take your dog on the 2 km hiking trail featured at 2:23 in the video.
You'll also find dog-friendly facilities such as dog stations, showers, and a poop box at the park.

Enjoy a Wonderful Time at Wonderful Nature Village!

Shown at 3:46 in the video, Wonderful Nature Village also has BBQ pits where you can bring your own food and enjoy a delicious day of barbecuing!

There is also the cafe/restaurant, AZEKIRI, where you can enjoy a menu that uses locally produced vegetables. The dishes made with locally grown ingredients from Tama are exquisite.
There is also a souvenir shop in the park, so if you're interested in buying goods for your dog, be sure to stop by.

Summary of Wonderful Nature Village

Image of a dog run
Photo:Dog run

Wonderful Nature Village has a lot of facilities for the whole family to enjoy.
It has a good reputation and is a popular tourist spot in Tokyo.
The reputation is really good and it is a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo.
You can enjoy the facilities even on rainy days, so you can play without worrying about the weather.
If you're looking for some fun for you and your pup and/or family, be sure to drop by!

【Address】600 Shiraiwa, Kamiyotsuki, Akiruno, Tokyo
【Access】30 minutes bus ride from JR Hachioji Station
【Admission fee】850 yen for adults, 450 yen for children and 850 yen for dogs. (450 yen for 【second and after dog)
【Hours】10 am to 5 pm (depends on season)
【Closures】Every Thursdays
【Parking】Available. 700 spots (700 yen/car)
【Phone number】042-558-5861

【Official Website】Wonderful Nature Village!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Enjoy Outdoor Activities With Your Pup at Wonderful Nature Village in Akiruno, Tokyo! One of the Largest Dog Runs in Tokyo, This Place Is Filled With Dog-Friendly Facilities!
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