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Introducing the Indoor Amusement Park "Tokyo Joypolis"!

This video, “Tokyo Joypolis, Introductory Movie (October 2017)東京ジョイポリス 紹介ムービー(2017年10月),” is an introductory video of Tokyo Joypolis, the biggest indoor amusement park in Japan.

From 0:18 in the video, we see thrill rides such as rotating roller coasters, and other attractions like the haunted house that you can enjoy at Tokyo Joypolis.
As the amusement park is built entirely indoors, the attractions can be enjoyed every day of the year, regardless of weather. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the most attractive features of Tokyo Joypolis that make it the ideal place to visit for a fun day out, or on a date!

What Kind of Place Is Tokyo Joypolis?

Tokyo Joypolis is an amusement park run by CA Sega Joypolis Ltd.
Over 20 attractions and games can be enjoyed at Tokyo Joypolis, such as "Half Pipe Tokyo" with its skateboard motif, the shooting game/roller coaster "Veil of Dark," as well as "Fortune Forest," "Gekion Live Coaster," and many more!

There are many interactive games and attractions built using the latest technology. Some feature multiplayer, free-roaming virtual reality content as well!

Enjoy the Events at Tokyo Joypolis!

Many events are held at Tokyo Joypolis, such as stage shows or performances by various artists.
In recent years, there have been many collaborations with popular anime and movies such as Transformers, Attack on Titan (進撃の巨人, shingekinokyojin), Hatsune Miku, Conan, and KING OF PRISM.

There are of course a variety of restaurants, cafés, and a lounge area where you can enjoy a bite to eat or take a rest.

Tokyo Joypolis Introductory Video Summary

One of the most attractive features of Tokyo Joypolis, has to be the fact that you can enjoy a wide range of attractions all under one roof.
We hope you enjoy taking a look at some of the attractions available in this video, and highly recommend experiencing them for yourself by taking a trip to Tokyo Joypolis!
Advance tickets, birthday discounts and set plans are also available!
Please check the official website and review sites for more news and information before heading off to Tokyo Joypolis!

◆Tokyo Joypolis Facility Overview◆
【Address】DECKS Tokyo Beach 3-5F, Odaiba 1-6-1, Minato ward (港区, minatoku), Tokyo
【Access】A 2-minute walk from Yurikamome Odaiba Marine Park station (お台場海兵公園, odaibakaihinkouen) or a 5-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport station on the Rinkai line (りんかい線, rinkaisen).
【Admission Fee】Adults – 800 yen, Elementary/Junior High/High School students – 500 yen
【Holidays】No fixed holidays
【Parking】Available (fee required)
【Phone number】03-5500-1801

【Official Website】Tokyo Joypolis

【Tripadvisor】Tokyo Joypolis

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Tokyo Joypolis in Odaiba Is One of the Top Sightseeing Spots in Tokyo! Introducing the Top Thrill Rides You Can Enjoy at This Indoor Amusement Park in Minato City!
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