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This video, titled "Hatsujima|Diving with Dolphins|January 21, 2020" (初島 イルカとダイビング 2020年1月21日), was released by "Sazanami Marine Diving School" (サザナミマリンダイビングスクール).

Hatsujima, located in Atami, has been a place where dolphins have been swimming since ancient times.
Because of this, the possibility of encountering dolphins swimming around Hatsujima is incredibly high, even when diving.
This video shows a dolphin encounter during a dive.
The video shows two dolphins swimming around people in a friendly manner. They're so adorable!

In addition to the dolphins, the video also shows a school of labracoglossa (sea chubs).
Hatsujima is a resort island close to the Tokyo metropolitan area where you can spend a luxurious time surrounded by the sea, which is so blue it's known as "Hatsujima Blue."

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Spend a Blissful Moment Swimming With Wild Dolphins. Diving at Hatsujima, the Closest Island to Tokyo!
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