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Hachijojima - Enjoy the Tropics From Tokyo!

This video, titled "Hachijojima Diving Shop ARABESQUE Introduction Video" (Hachijojima Diving Shop ARABESQUE Introduction Video 八丈島ダイビングショップ アラベスク紹介動画), was uploaded by "KIRIN SEKITO." It introduces Hachijojima, a sub-tropical island of Tokyo!
Hachijojima, one of the Izu Seven (a group of islands near Japan's Izu Peninsula), is a volcanic island with a population of 7,144 (as of September 27, 2021) located in Hachijo, Tokyo, in Japan's Kanto region.

Hachijojima is a popular tourist attraction for being the closest tropical resort to Tokyo.
There are two ways to get to Hachijojima: by air (50 minutes) or by ferry (11 hours) from Tokyo Haneda Airport.
Since Hachijojima is a popular tourist attraction "in" Tokyo, there is a wide range of tours and hotels.
This video introduction to the Hachijojima diving shop "Arabesque" shows the many attractions of Hachijojima.

The Fascinating Tropical World of Hachijojima

Image of sea turtles, Hachijojima
Photo:Sea turtles, Hachijojima

Scuba diving and snorkeling are activities that we highly recommend trying when traveling to Hachijojima.
The waters of Hachijojima are known as "Hachijo Blue" and are crystal clear.
A variety of marine life can be observed in the waters as well.
Hachijojima is also known as "Turtle Island," and is home to a large population of sea turtles.
In the video, you can see sea turtles swimming beautifully at 1:31.

You can also see a wide variety of other marine life, such as coral colonies, anemones, eels, and the Japanese pygmy seahorse.
The area is also home to bigfin reef squid and longfin yellowtail, making it a popular fishing spot.
At the beach/diving spot Nazmad, visitors can see hammerhead sharks and other big fish.
In winter, humpback whales visit the area, allowing you to enjoy whale watching.
Night snorkeling is another activity we recommend trying as you get to experience the world of fish at night.

Hachijojima - Explore Everything This Tourist Attraction Has to Offer!

Image of trekking on Hachijo Fuji, Hachijojima
Photo:Trekking on Hachijo Fuji, Hachijojima

Besides the ocean, Hachijojima is full of other natural wonders and power spots. Hachijo Fuji, where you can enjoy hiking and trekking, Okataura Park, Uramiga-taki Waterfall, and Nambara (Nanbara) Senjojiki, where you can enjoy the great outdoors.

The area is also home to rare birds that make the island great for bird watching.
Other popular tourist spots include Ozato Tamaishi, Ubai Homei Shrine (優婆夷宝明神社), and other power spots where you can feel the history of Hachijojima, Goshinyama Park, Hachijo Botanical Park, Karataki Waterfall, Iwonuma Pond (硫黄沼), and "Hego Forest" with its beautiful ferns.

Hachijo Island also offers a wide variety of delicious local foods, such as shima-zushi (lit. "island sushi") and "Hachijo shochu," and you can purchase local products, such as kusaya, as souvenirs.
There is also a wide range of lodging facilities on the island, including open-air baths with spectacular views and resort hotels.
Buses and taxies are available, but renting a car is the most convenient way to get around Hachijojima.

Arabesque - Diving at Hachijojima!

Image of scuba diving
Photo:Scuba diving

If you want to enjoy the waters of Hachijojima, be sure to check out the diving shop "Arabesque"!

Arabesque is a diving shop that has it all.
The interior of the shop is well thought out, creating a comfortable atmosphere with shower rooms and other amenities.
At Arabesque, visitors can enjoy experience diving and snorkeling.
Underwater photography is also available.
One-on-one lessons are offered for beginners and children, with safety as a top priority.

In addition, they also offer barbecue and provide recommendations for various ways to enjoy Hachijojima.

Hachijojima - A Tropical Island Just 50 Minutes From Tokyo

Hachijojima is a tropical resort where visitors can experience the extraordinary in Tokyo.
Although natural disasters, such as earthquakes and typhoons can occur, more and more people are moving to Hachijojima in recent years, fascinated by its natural beauty.
Consider visiting Hachijojima and experiencing the great outdoors of Japan firsthand!


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Hachijojima - The Closest Tropical Resort to Tokyo. Relax and Rejuvenate in the Great Outdoors!
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