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The Millennium Coral of Mugi, Tokushima via Video

This video, titled "Mugi Diving: A Thousand-Year-Old Coral" (牟岐ダイビング 千年珊瑚), was uploaded by "Shimizu Akinori" (清水明徳).
It introduces, as its name suggests, a thousand-year-old coral reef near Oshima Island in Tokushima.

What you see in the video is the Millennium Coral, a coral reef in the inner bay of Oshima Island in Mugi, Tokushima.
Oshima Island off the coast of Mugi, Tokushima is one of the most beautiful spots in Japan where many people visit for diving and snorkeling.
The huge coral reef shown from the beginning of the video is called "Sennen Sango" (lit. "Thousand-Year Coral" or "Millennium Coral").

The Millennium Coral is a tree-shaped coral reef formed by the growth of porites lutea, a type of stony coral.
Registered as a "Miraculous Heritage," the coral reef is estimated to have been growing for as long as 1,000 years.
At 0:08 in the video, you can see a person actually diving underwater and swimming next to it, giving you a good idea of just how large it actually is.
The sheer size of it is enough to amaze you.

The Millennium Coral of Oshima Island in Mugi, Tokushima: A Coral Reef Formed by a Combination of Favorable Conditions

The Millennium Coral is the result of a combination of favorable conditions in nature.
The warm currents of the Kuroshio Current come in from the coast, the island is not environmentally destructive, and it is located in an inner bay, which protects it from rough seas.

The Millennium Coral is located at a depth of 23 meters.
It measures approximately 9 meters tall and 30 meters round, and is also known as the "Underwater Christmas Tree" because of its shape.
It is one of the largest and longest living coral reefs not only in Japan, but also in the world.

Starfish – The Natural Enemy of the Millennium Coral

Image of crown-of-thorns starfish
Photo:Crown-of-thorns starfish

In recent years, crown-of-thorns starfish have increased in number, eating away at the Millennium Coral.
The town of Mugi has been working to protect the coral, and in 2015, December 7 was designated as Millennium Coral Day.

At 1:10 in the video, you can see beautiful fish swimming around the Millennium Coral.
The Millennium Coral is a symbol of Mugi, Tokushima.
In addition to being a tourist attraction, the Millennium Coral also plays a role in purifying the ocean by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, making it an indispensable part of the marine environment.

Summary of the Millennium Coral of Oshima Island in Mugi, Tokushima

There are many ways to get to Mugi, Tokushima, where the Millennium Coral is located: by air, by sea, or by express bus.
From Tokushima City, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach by train via JR lines, and approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes to reach by car.
There are also tours to the remote islands where visitors can enjoy a variety of experiences and delicious food.

If you're a diver, be sure to visit the Millennium Coral in Mugi, Tokushima if you have the chance!
We hope this video has given you an idea of just how beautiful the Millennium Coral is.
Hopefully we can continue to protect this beautiful coral for years to come.

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A Thousand-Year-Old Coral Megalith in Tokushima Prefecture: One of the Largest Coral Reefs in the World, This 9-Meter-Tall Coral Reef Is the Result of a Series of Miracles and Its Beautiful Appearance Has Captivated Many Divers!
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