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This video is titled "[4K GoPro] Scuba Diving|Kushimoto(UnderWater in Kushimoto Wakayama)" (【4K GoPro】スキューバダイビング 串本(UnderWater in Kushimoto Wakayama)). It was released by DIVE ORANGE.

The sea in Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture is home to a large population of table coral.
Due to the influence of the Kuroshio Current, the water temperature never drops below 15 degrees Celsius, even in the middle of winter.
More than 100 types of coral and tropical organisms live here, making it a popular dive site.
Particularly popular are Soshima Oki Ni no Ne (双島沖二の根) and Glass World.
Glass World, named for the variety of wrasse species, is famous for the discovery of rare creatures.

The entire west side of the rock wall is steeply sloped, and the velvet spiny-headed sycamore grow in clusters, with a distinctive cauliflower appearance.

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