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This video, titled "[Tokunoshima] Tiger Hole at senma coast|Footage: Marine Service Kamui, A Diving shop on Tokunoshima Island" (【徳之島】 千間海岸タイガーホール 撮影:徳之島のダイビングショップ マリンサービス海夢居), was released by "kamuivision."

The Amami Islands are a popular diving spot.
Among them, Senma coast on Tokunoshima is especially famous for "Tiger Hole."
Tiger Hole is a series of arches made from lava that form a cave. This video shows a dive at Tiger Hole.

The sunlight shining through the arches creates a mysterious scene.
Senma Coast is also famous for its sea turtles and coral reefs.
The chance of encountering a sea turtle while diving is quite high and you can see it swimming lackadaisically up close.

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Diving at Senma Coast, Tokunoshima Island. Enjoy the Mysterious Sight of the Sun Shining on the Cobalt Blue Sea in a Submarine Cave!
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