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This video, titled "9.7.2019 Tanabe Diving Service|Wakayama Japan|Shogase Glowing Sea Anemone|Angelfish and More|Divinngu Saeki Photography" (2019.7.9田辺ダイビングサービスwakayama japanショウガセオオガワリイソキンチャク.キンチャクダイ他Divinngu Saeki撮影), was released by shogo saeki.

Tanabe, located in the center of the Wakayama Prefecture coastline, is a rich sea with tropical fish and coral reefs that thrive thanks to the Kuroshio Current.
This video shows Shogase, a dive site with a mixture of tropical and temperate zone creatures.
The creature shining green is a colony of sea anemones.
This glowing anemone is a rare species found only in these waters and can be seen throughout the year.
In addition, tropical anemones and seahorses can also be seen here.
Take a look at the rich nature of Wakayama!

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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You Can Only See It Here! The Glowing Sea Anemone at the Shogase Dive Site in Tanabe, Wakayama!
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