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Feel the Excitement of Shark Diving in Ito, Chiba via Video!

This video, titled "Tateyama Ito Diving" (館山 伊戸ダイビング), was uploaded by "munecyan." It introduces diving in Ito, Chiba. If you're interested in diving but aren't very familiar with it, be sure to check out the diving you can do in Ito, Chiba in the video!

Are There Sharks in Tokyo and Chiba?

There are a variety of different sharks in both Tokyo and Chiba. Some sharks you can find in Tokyo are houndsharks, sawsharks, angelsharks, etc.
Additionally, in Chiba there are shortfin mako sharks, salmon sharks, thresher sharks, and many more varieties.
Going on the shark diving tour in Ito is the best way to see sharks near Tokyo, but there are also other diving spots in Japan where you can go shark diving.

Ito, Chiba Prefecture – A Popular Diving Spot Close to Tokyo!

Ito, Chiba, in the Kanto region, is known as the southernmost diving spot in Japan's Kanto region. Divers from all over the world gather here to enjoy the diving spots of the Boso Peninsula.

Ito is also known as a shark diving spot. You can see schools of sharks from up close. In addition to sharks, Ito is also a fascinating diving spot where you can see sunfish, nudibranchs, and a variety of other marine creatures up close.

The Various Marine Life You Can See in Ito, Chiba

Image of banded houndsharks and red stingrays
Photo:Banded houndsharks and red stingrays

One of the greatest attractions of diving is to be able to see sea creatures swimming in the sea up close. As mentioned above, in Ito and the Tateyama area, you can see beautiful coral reefs as well as various types of creatures up close. You can enjoy the marine world of Ito through an unforgettable diving experience.
[Video] 4:55 - Coral Reef

[Marine Life in Ito, Chiba]
Here are some of the sea creatures you may encounter in the sea of Ito.
・Short barbeled velvetchins
・Longtooth groupers
・Banded houndsharks
・Goniobranchus tinctorius (sea slug)
・Red stingrays
・Dorid nudibranchs (sea slug)
・Striped boarfish
・Asian sheepshead wrasse
・Spotted white sea slugs
・Sun fish

Tateyama Shark Scramble – The Main Attraction in Ito, Chiba!

Image of a group of banded hounsharks
Photo:A group of banded hounsharks

Tateyama Shark Scramble is attracting a lot of attention in the Tateyama/Ito area. Tateyama Shark Scramble refers to the phenomenon when more than 100 sharks can be seen swimming in a whirlpool in the ocean. It's also known as the "Shark Tornado."

Ito was originally called Shark City because of the large number of sharks that inhabit the area. However, serious damage was caused by the large number of sharks. The problem was that the sharks ate the fish caught by fisherman, who were left with insufficient catches.

The local fishing cooperative wanted to somehow solve this problem, so they consulted a man named Mr. Shiota, who provides diving services in Ito. As a result, a shark guiding operation was launched in 2009 which successfully kept sharks away from captured fish.

As a result of these efforts, Okimaene, a dive point in Ito, Chiba, is now attracting attention from all over the world as a spot where you can swim with sharks.

Underwater Bird Watching in Ito, Chiba?

Image of a Japanese cormorant
Photo:A Japanese cormorant

Underwater bird watching might sound like a fever dream, but it's actually something that can be enjoyed in the Tateyama and Ito areas in winter. During the winter you can see Japanese cormorants diving into the ocean. This bird is native to Japan, Korea, and other parts of East Asia. Its body is 84-92 cm in length and it's generally greenish-black with a yellow beak. In addition to the cormorants that originally inhabit the Tateyama/Ito area, some cormorants come to Ito from other areas for the winter.

In winter, the water temperature drops and the cormorants cannot catch fish in the shallows, so they dive into the water to catch fish. You can watch them catch fish underwater when diving. Another attraction of diving in Tateyama and Ito is that you can experience underwater bird watching of sea cormorants only in winter.

When Is the Best Season to Go Diving in Ito, Chiba?

Image of diving

Diving is possible throughout the year in the Tateyama/Ito area in Chiba, and from late August to early September, the water is warm enough to dive in a wetsuit.

Shark schools can be seen throughout the year, but some species and scenes can only be seen at certain times of the year.
・January to March: Underwater bird watching
 The water is crystal clear and the cormorants can be seen diving up to 20 meters below the surface.
・June-August: You can view the courtship ritual of the longtooth grouper from up close.
・Autumn - Winter: You can see powerful scenes of large fish attacking their prey.

How to Get to Ito, Chiba

Since it's only a two-hour bus ride from Tokyo, visitors can enjoy diving on a day trip. There are also restaurants in the area, with the seafood restaurant "Gyoko Shokudo Daibo" being particularly popular for its delicious seafood and hamayaki (a style of cooking where the entire fish is skewered and cooked whole over a grill).

While the Tateyama/Ito area is popular for diving, it's also a great place for sightseeing and fishing, as there are many fishing ports, restaurants, guest houses, and hotels, some of which have open-air baths with a view of the sea.

Summary of Diving in Ito, Chiba

The Tateyama/Ito area is a popular diving spot for beginners and experienced divers alike, and has attracted attention from around the world. The shark diving is especially exciting! You can see sharks swimming around from up close in the video.

Located just 2 hours from Tokyo, Ito, Chiba is a great spot for a day trip. Why not try diving in the Tateyama/Ito area, where you can see schools of sharks and sea cucumbers being captured in the ocean? It's an experience you can't have anywhere else in Japan!

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An Exciting Shark Diving Experience Just 2 Hours From Tokyo! Discover the Beautiful Underwater World of Ito, Chiba!
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