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Indoor skydiving at “Flystation”

The video introduces FlyStation in Koshigaya Lake Town. The video is titled “FlyStation Instructor Demonstration(FlyStationインストラクターデモンストレーション)”, and it was created by “infinitegazelle.”

FlyStation offers the indoor attraction of skydiving. As you can see in the video at 1:24, you will float up high even though it is an indoor attraction. You can see how thrilling this attraction is from the video so definitely take a look!

This article will talk about the thrilling indoor skydiving attraction "FlyStation".

What is FlyStation?

Image of Skydiving

Skydiving is a fun activity where you fall from the high in the sky and enjoy floating in the air. As you can see in the video, FlyStation enables you to enjoy skydiving in a completely indoor environment.

With a strong winds up to 360 km/h from the bottom of the wind tunnel, you are able to float in the air. This is next-generation entertainment, and it has become very popular in the United States and Europe. And now, this popular attraction has finally arrived in Japan. In the wind tunnel with 19.8 meter height, this is excitement like you've never experienced before.

All of the necessary equipment is included in the flight price. There is no need to prepare beforehand. FlyStation, pre-flight school is available to learn how to fly and professional instructors support one-on-one indoor flight.

4 year olds and older are eligible for indoor skydiving. Please note that the weight limit is less than 120 kg (264.5 lbs). With experienced instructors and operators to control the wind, this attraction completely safe.

In this video, you can check out the different techniques such as floating up in the air, going upside down at 1:38, and moving every direction in the air.

Where Is FlyStation and How Can I Access It?

Image of Koshigaya Lake Town
Photo:Koshigaya Lake Town

FlyStation is located in Koshigaya Lake Town in Koshigaya, Saitama. It has easy access, being only a 12 minute walk from “Koshigaya Lake Town station” on Musashino line.

There is only one location currently, but more locations in Yokohama, Osaka and Chiba will be opened soon. There are also different indoor skydiving locations in Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Pricing for FlyStation

The length of 1 flight at FlyStation is 1 minute long. The flight ticket costs 4,500 yen (~$41 USD) for an adult and 4,200 yen (~$38 USD) for a child on weekdays, 5,000 yen (~$45.50 USD) for an adult and 4,700 yen (~$43 USD) for a child on weekends. A 200 yen (~$2 USD) discount will be applied when you visit on your birthday.

The price is a bit high, but considering how much it costs to actually skydive for a minute, FlyStation is a lot cheaper than actual skydiving. It's also great for people who are worried about the dangers of skydiving, as it's totally safe.

Summary of FlyStation

Image of Skydiving

“FlyStation Instructor Demonstration” is a video by “infinitegazelle” demonstrating indoor skydiving at Koshigaya Lake Town.

It has slowly been getting more attentions as it allows you to skydive indoors, and enjoy floating in the air. FlyStation will be the next tourist spot in Saitama. Come visit FlyStation and experience the excitement!
We recommend you book in advance if you are visiting during a holiday week, summer vacation or on weekends.

◆Outline of FlyStation◆
【Address】6-19-3 Koshigaya Lake Town, Saitama
【Access】12 minutes walk from the south exit of “Koshigaya Lake Town station” on JR Musashino line.
【Opening Hours】10:00~19:00
【Parking】Free parking available
【Phone Number】048-940-5010

【Official Website】Flystation/ Experience flying in the air with your kids‎

【Official Website】AEON Lake Town

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Last Updated : Sep. 15, 2020
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Indoor Skydiving in Japan! The Popular Attraction From Germany and Russia Has Arrived in Koshigaya, Saitama! Introducing Flystation in Koshigaya Lake Town!
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