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About Funabashi Andersen Park

This video, titled "Andersen Park PR Video [Main Part]" (アンデルセン公園 PR動画「本編」), produced by “parkfunabashi,” is a sightseeing guide to Funabashi Andersen.
Funabashi Andersen Park is located in Funabashi city, Chiba Prefecture in the Kanto region.

It opened in 1987 as “Wanpaku Park”
The park is the size of 7 Tokyo Domes!
Inside the vast park, there are no roller coasters or game consoles, but it ranks third in the most popular theme parks in Japan on the world-renowned travel website TripAdvisor, behind only “Tokyo Disneyland” and “Tokyo Disney Sea”!

Why is Funabashi Andersen Park so popular?
In this article, we'll go over each zone and introduce the charm of Funabashi Andersen Park.
After watching the video, you'll be packing your bags!

Funabashi Andersen Park’s “Wanpaku Kingdom Park”

Image of Wanpaku Kingdom
Photo:Wanpaku Kingdom (Funabashi Andersen Park・lawn area)

Funabashi Andersen Park is a place where you can enjoy lots of activities.
In the Wanpaku Kingdom Park, which is introduced at 0:41 in the video, both children and adults can play. It's a nostalgic experience for adults and you can enjoy it as if you were a child again.

There are hands-on activities such as Wanpaku Castle, the Forest Athletics Course, Wanpaku Ball Island, the animal petting plaza, where you can pet sheep and goats, and a colossal slide.
Another fun experience for children is riding the deformed bicycles.

Funabashi Andersen Park’s “Fairy Tale Hill Zone”

Image of Windmill and tulip
Photo:Windmill and tulip

You can also visit the Fairy Tale Hill Zone, a popular date spot featured at 1:11 in the video.
This zone is recreating the Danish countryside from the 1800s, and there is a large windmill reminiscent of Holland as well as a fairytale hall, farmhouse, and community center.

You can also take a ride in Funabashi's unique row boats at Sun Pond, or relax at the boat house by the pond.
Fairy Tale Hill Zone is filled with 50,000 flowers of 100 varieties at any one time.

Funabashi Andersen Park’s “Children's Art Museum Zone”

The Children’s Art Museum Zone, which is shown at 1:39 in the video, is an interactive museum where you can enjoy creative activities at 8 ateliers.
In the workshop room, visitors can try their hand at arts and crafts.

At the Weaving Atelier, visitors can try their hand at weaving, and at the Andersen Studio, you can dress up in costumes from the children's story Thumbelina and act out a play as the characters.
There are also studios for printmaking, food, dyeing, ceramics, and woodworking.

Funabashi Andersen Park’s “Nature Experience Zone”

Funabashi Andersen Park’s Nature Experience Zone, which is shown at 2:11 in the video, is made of existing forests and wetlands and you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of each season.

Funabashi Andersen Park’s “Castle of Flowers Zone”

Image of Topiary of the Heart
Photo:Topiary of the Heart

Introduced at 2:19 in the video, the Flower Castle Zone has objects and playground equipment inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales. The Topiary of the Heart is a popular Instagram-worthy attraction.
The Kids Garden has play equipment suited for smaller children, so it's perfect for visiting with your children.

Summary of Funabashi Andersen Park

As introduced in the article and video, there are lots of enjoyable zones at Funabashi Andersen Park.
After playing around you'll probably be hungry as well. Funabashi Andersen Park has plenty of options for food.
With places like “Boathouse,” “Food Shop,” “Alto Ponte,” “Restaurant Marchen,” and “Barbeque,” there's plenty to choose from!
There are also events held on a weekly basis at the event dome.

There's so many ways to enjoy Funabashi Andersen Park, which is why it ranks 10th on the list of Asian theme parks.

In the video, you'll see many smiling faces as people enjoy their time at Funabashi Andersen Park.
We hope that this article and the video helped you to understand the appeal of Funabashi Andersen Park, the third most popular theme park in Japan.
We hope that you and your family will have a great time at the attractive spots introduced in the video.

◆Funabashi Andersen Park◆
【Address】525 Kanehoricho, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture
【Access】5 minute walk from “Kenmin no Mori” bus stop (Take the bus from JR Funabashi Station)
【Admission fee】Regular /¥900, High School/¥600, Elementary/Jr. High School /¥200, Small Children (over 4yrs.) /¥100 (As of November 2019)
【Closures】Mondays (National Holidays, Spring, Summer, Winter Vacations are all open)
【Parking】Available (¥500 for a full-size car)

【Official Website】Funabashi Andersen Park, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture

【Tripadvisor】Funabashi Andersen Park

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An In-Depth Look at Funabashi Andersen Park, the Third Most Popular Theme Park in Japan! There Are a Million Ways to Have Fun in This Massive Park in Chiba Prefecture!
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