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This video, titled "Walking around Inokashira Park, Tokyo - Long Take【東京・井の頭公園】 4K," was released by "NIPPON WANDERING TV."

Inokashira Park in Tokyo is a spot in Kichijoji, a town popular among young people.
The park has a spacious pond called Inokashira Pond, where visitors can enjoy looking at the scenery while taking a boat ride.
In the spring, the cherry blossoms bloom in Inokashira Park, creating a dreamlike view.

The park is also a popular urban oasis, with fresh greenery in early summer and autumnal foliage that changes with the seasons.
Be sure to stop by Inokashira Park on your way to Kichijoji.
Take a ride on a boat or participate in one of the park's many events!

Inokashira Park in Tokyo Is an Oasis in Kichijoji, a Town Popular With Young People! Enjoy Boat Rides or Participate in a Number of Fun Events!
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