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WORKMAN is known in Japan for working wear, winter clothes, safety shoes, etc. However, in recent years, WORKMAN's outdoor products have also been attracting attention. In this article, we introduce a video review of five pieces of WORKMAN equipment.

A WORKMAN Camping Gear Review for Beginners!

This video, titled "Reviewing Five Pieces of Workman's New 2021 Spring/Summer Camping Gear! Lots of Gear for Beginner Campers!" (ワークマンの2021春夏新作キャンプギア5選をレビュー!これからキャンプを始める初心者向けのギアが満載だった!), was uploaded by "SLOWCAMP."

Workman, well-known for its work clothes, also offers a full lineup of outdoor gear! There is a wide variety of fashionable and useful items available. In this article, we'll introduce 5 pieces of camping gear all available for under 1,000 yen!

For beginners who are just getting into camping, expensive camping gear can be a bit of a hurdle. Being able to get cheap, but reliable gear will ensure you can have a good time.

The Easy-To-Use 'Compact Hammer'

This simple and compact hammer costs 680 yen (tax included). The video also compares its size and other features with a standard stake hammer. Despite its small size, it's a highly rated hammer due to the deep indentations on the handle, which allow for a firm grip. The shape of the hammer, however, is not designed for removing stakes. In the video, you can see how the stakes are hammered into the ground.
[Video] 0:22 - Compact hammer

The Fine-Pitched 'Hybrid Saw'

The Hybrid Saw, which combines a saw and a box cutter into one, costs 980 yen (tax included). It's made with a firm grip, making it easy to hold and cut with. Compared to a Daiso saw, the pitch of the blade is finer.
The saw cuts better than its slender appearance would leave you to believe! The fine pitch of the blade makes the cuts clean and neat. Even hardwoods can be cut with no problem. It can also handle branches and firewood quite well.
[Video] 6:00 - Cutting a Branch With the Hybrid Saw
The box cutter can be used in a variety of situations. In the video, it's used to make wood shavings for making fire.
[Video] 2:54 - Hybrid Saw

'Wide Multi Hook' Carabiners for Hanging Objects

The carabiner with hook is 499 yen (tax included). Since space is limited inside a tent, hanging camping gear on ropes is a good way to save space. The Wide Multi Hook is useful for such situations. Check out the comparison with a 100-yen product in the video!
[Video] 7:40 - Wide Multi Hook

Nylon 'Para Mate' Paracord

The 4mm x 15m nylon Para Mate paracord costs 350 yen. It's mainly used for securing tents and putting up tarps. In the video, you can see it being attached to a stake hammer or saw as a cord. Para Mate paracord can also be used for other purposes, such as wrapping it around the handle of a sierra cup to protect it from the heat of a fire, or to protect and reinforce gear such as axes.
[Video] 9:16 - Para Mate Paracord

'2way All In One Bag' for Organizing Gear

The 2way All In One Bag (980 yen, tax included) is useful for storing compact camping gear. Thanks to the shoulder belt, it can be used as a shoulder bag or hung from the waist.
[Video] 11:50 - 2way All In One Bag

Storing Camping Gear

How do you store your camping gear? As you continue to go camping, the amount of gear you have tends to increase as well. It's important to think about how to store your gear so that when you feel like camping, you're not left trying to remember where you put it.
First, make room for a dedicated shelf for your camping gear. Arrange your gear at the right height on each shelf for a clean look. Compact camping gear should be stored in storage bags or other containers according to their purpose so that they don't fall apart. Some camping gear can even be displayed decoratively. Displaying your camping gear neatly can also keep you in high spirits while thinking about your next camping trip.

Summary of Camping Gear for Beginners

Solo camping is popular in Japan these days. Reasonably-priced but practical camping gear is easy to prepare and less burdensome. If you're thinking about going camping, be sure to check out this video to help you choose the right camping gear!

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[WORKMAN] Reviewing 5 Pieces of Camping Equipment Under 1,000 Yen! A Full Set of Gear for Beginners!
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