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Japan is currently experiencing an outdoor boom. As an island nation surrounded by the sea, Japan is also blessed with abundant nature. Because of this, it's possible to travel from the heart of Tokyo to a campground surrounded by nature in just a couple hours, and new styles of camping, such as solo camping, are on the rise. Camping is a lot of fun, but it's important to remember to clean up after your campfire to prevent wildfires and other accidents. In this article, we'll take a look at how to clean up a campfire.

Video Introduction: Cleaning Up After a Campfire

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Photo:A campfire

This video, titled "How to Clean Up After a Campfire at a Campground" (キャンプ場での焚き火の後片付け方), was uploaded by "Hiro, Camping" (ヒロ、焚き火).

Campfires are used for a variety of purposes, including cooking and warmth. Some people simply like relaxing and getting lost in the flames of a campfire. That being said, cleaning up after a campfire is a necessary part of a safe and enjoyable camping trip in Japan.

If you fail to clean up after a campfire, it can cause wildfires and other problems for many people. It's important to extinguish fires properly to protect our rich natural environment.

Some Campgrounds Allow Open Flame Cooking, Others Don't

Some campgrounds allow campfire cooking, while others do not. Be sure to check if the campground you're using allows open flame cooking. If open flame cooking is not allowed, you'll need your own campfire pit, fire sheet, etc.

How to Clean Up Charcoal and Ashes After a Campfire

First, any coals and wood should be burnt down as much as possible. The extinguished coals and ashes can then be placed on a 60-micron aluminum foil. After that, clean up the surrounding area, picking up anything that has dropped under the fire pit. Restore the area to its original state as best as possible.
[Video] 0:08 - Picking Up Ashes

Water can then be poured over the collected charcoal and ashes. From there, you can wrap the remains in the aluminum foil compactly, removing as much air as possible. Then, wrap that in another sheet of foil and finally, place it in a plastic bag.

If ashes from your campfire are scattered nearby, be sure to pick them up as well. Leaving ashes behind is a known cause of environmental pollution. The ashes, as well as the remaining charcoal will not decompose and be replaced by soil, so please do not bury them in the ground.

After gathering the remaining ashes, pour water over them. Check the temperature of the ground around you just to be sure as well. Reducing the risk of fire as much as possible will not only protect you, but also other campers and the environment. Dispose of garbage from any meals you made while camping, as well as ashes and charcoal from campfires, in areas designated by the campground.

Camp Fire Cleanup Summary

Image of campfire remains
Photo:Campfire remains

When building a campfire at camp, clean up after the fire properly. Don't leave any ashes or coals behind with the mistaken belief that they will decompose. Failure to ensure that you clean up after a campfire could lead to a wildfire or other major problems. Keep in mind that even the slightest amount of carelessness can lead to a major accident.

Everyone has their own way of enjoying camping and other outdoor activities, but remember that you're in a public place and should observe rules and manners. If you go to a campground that prohibits open flame cooking, don't forget to prepare a fire pit and other outdoor equipment.

Please make sure to keep the cleanup of bonfires in mind with the video introduced here, and by all means, enjoy the rich nature of Japan while camping!

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Camping in Japan - How to Clean Up After a Campfire! Key Points for Campfire Cooking in Japan!
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