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A Look at the Breathtaking Nabegataki Falls

This video, titled "Nabegataki [8K]" (Nabegataki 鍋ケ滝 [8K]), was uploaded by "Japan Explorers."
It introduces the beautiful waterfall, Nabegataki Falls, in Kumamoto Prefecture while showcasing the natural beauty of Japan.

Nabegataki Falls, located in Oguni, Aso, Kumamoto in Japan's Kyushu region, was actually featured in a commercial for Soukenbicha Tea's Namacha, starring actress Nanako Matsushima, and quickly became well known for its beauty.
Even within Aso Geopark, which is recognized as a UNESCO Global Geopark, the spectacular view of Nabegataki Falls is full of natural beauty.
Check out the beautiful scenery showcasing the waterfall in this quick. 4 minute video!

Highlights of Nabegataki Falls in Kumamoto

Image of Nabegataki Falls, Kumamoto
Photo:Nabegataki Falls, Kumamoto

Nabegataki Falls, located in the town of Oguni, is about a 20-minute drive from Kurokawa Onsen, a hot spring resort in Kumamoto Prefecture, and is maintained as Nabegataki Park.
The most unique feature of Nabegataki Falls is that visitors can view the waterfall from behind, and see its curtain-like appearance in all of its beauty (video 1:34).
Because of this, it's a popular travel destination among tourists looking to explore the nature of Japan.

It's said that the same pyroclastic flow from a huge eruption approximately 90,000 years ago, which created the Aso Caldera, created the unique features of Nabegataki Falls as well.
Nabegataki Falls is a relatively small waterfall measuring 20 meters wide with a drop of about 10 meters, but the way the water cascades from the top of the waterfall creates a beautiful view that resembles a curtain of water.
Another unique characteristic of Nabegataki Falls is how the surrounding greenery gives it a faint glow, making it popular amongst photographers and instagrammers alike.

Image of Nabigataki Falls illuminated, Aso, Kumamoto
Photo:Nabigataki Falls illuminated, Aso, Kumamoto

Furthermore, in the spring, Nabegataki Falls is lit up for a limited time, and visitors can enjoy fantastic views of the waterfall while it's illuminated.
There are also stairs on the path leading to Nabegataki Falls, and heart-shaped stones are hidden in the stone pavement along the way, so be sure to keep an eye out for these as well.

Enjoy Delicious Food, Sweets, and Sightseeing Spots Around Nabegataki Falls!

In addition to Nabegataki Falls, there are a myriad of sightseeing spots around the area that visitors can enjoy.

First, there's "Sora Iro no Tane," famously known as "the small bakery in the forest."
The bread here is hot and fresh even in the cold, and the cream buns are popular for their hearty and satisfying texture.
Next is a soba restaurant called "Waremokou" on the route to Nabegataki Falls.
The restaurant is full of delicious dishes and features famous Kumamoto beef and soba.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nabegataki, visitors can enjoy beautiful paintings at the Sakamoto Zenzo Museum of Art, a museum covered entirely with tatami mats.
Enjoy the abstract paintings of Zenzo Sakamoto a famous Japanese painter.

Summary of Nabegataki Falls in Kumamoto Prefecture

As you can see, Nabegataki Falls, located in Oguni, Aso, Kumamoto, is loved by many people as one of the most beautiful spots in Japan, and has now become very popular among young people, particularly instagrammers and photographers.
This video, shot in 8K, shows the beautiful scenery of Nabegataki Falls in such detail that it's almost like looking at the real thing.
Now that you've seen a video on it, consider checking out Nabegataki Falls, one of the most beautiful spots in Japan, and explore all of the natural beauty for yourself.

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Nabegataki Falls - A Beautiful Travel Destination Surrounded by Nature in Kumamoto Prefecture
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