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Diamond Fuji at Lake Yamanaka: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Diamond Fuji at sunrise on New Year's Day 2020" (初日の出ダイヤモンド富士 令和二年元日), was uploaded by "Hideto Sugiyama" (杉山日出都).
Mt. Fuji sitting in the darkness amid flowing clouds… The morning sun gradually rising from its peak... This phenomenon is called "Diamond Fuji." The video shows this spectacular view that can be seen only a few times each year.

Especially on New Year's Day, Diamond Fuji seen at sunrise on the first day of the new year is considered auspicious and very popular among tourists, as well as Mt. Fuji fans across Japan. Be sure to check out the beautiful video taken in 2020 before reading along!

Diamond Fuji – Blessings of Luck and Prosperity

Image of Diamond Fuji from Lake Yamanaka
Photo:Diamond Fuji from Lake Yamanaka

Diamond Fuji is a natural phenomenon that can be seen when the sun rises or sets over the summit of Mt. Fuji. The mountain has a long and sacred history and is considered an auspicious mountain due to its wide shape which is said to represent prosperity.

Mt. Fuji can only be seen when various conditions are met, which is said to make it even more auspicious. For example, Aka Fuji (Red Fuji) is believed to bring good fortune, protect against bad luck, bring prosperity in business, and fulfill wishes. On the other hand, Diamond Fuji is said to bring prosperity when used as the lock screen on one's smartphone.

If you find yourself needing a bit of luck, maybe consider viewing the beautiful Red Fuji or Diamond Fuji.

The Conditions for Seeing Diamond Fuji

Image of sunrise and a sea of clouds at Mt. Fuji
Photo:Sunrise and a sea of clouds at Mt. Fuji

Diamond Fuji is known as a miraculous view that can be seen only a few times a year. There are various conditions that must be met in order to see it, but the main ones are as follows:

・Fuji is visible to the East or West
・The weather must be stable and clear
・Time of day: Sunrise or sunset

The best time is thought to be from mid-October to the end of February, especially around the winter solstice.

Diamond Fuji is a rare and unique sight that can only be seen a few times a year. If you'd like to see it in person, be sure to keep the above conditions in mind before you go.

Where to Photograph Diamond Fuji – Recommended Spots Besides Lake Yamanaka

Image of Mt. Fuji reflected on Lake Tanuki
Photo:Mt. Fuji reflected on Lake Tanuki

Here are some recommended locations for those looking to see and take photos of Diamond Fuji.

Hirano Lakeside (平野湖畔, Hirano Kohan)
Lake Yamanaka is famous for its "Sakasa Fuji" (upside-down Fuji), and Hirano Lakeside is one of the most popular spots to photograph this. During the viewing season, photographers come here in droves to photograph it. When there's no wind and surface of the lake is calm, you can see Diamond Fuji both on land and reflected on the surface of the lake. This phenomenon is referred to as "Double Diamond Fuji."

Hana no Miyako Park
Hana no Miyako Park is one of the most popular spots on Lake Yamanaka. Although the flowers in the park are not in bloom during this season, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of sunflowers and Mt. Fuji.

Lake Tanuki (田貫湖, Tanukiko)
Lake Tanuki, located in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, offers a good chance to see Diamond Fuji around April 20th and August 20th. If the weather is favorable, you can see the "Double Diamond Fuji" at this spectacular viewpoint.

・Mt. Ryugadake (竜ヶ岳, Ryugadake)
This spot is located on the South side of Lake Motosu. It's located on the east side of Mt. Fuji and you can see Diamond Fuji here at sunrise. The low elevation and wide, flat summit make it an ideal place for photography and observation.

Mt. Minobu (身延山, Minobu-san)
Mt. Minobu, selected as one of the Top 100 Mountains of Yamanashi, is a spot where you can view Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay to the Southeast. Visitors can also take the cable car, which begins running early in the morning, to the top of the mountain. On days when Diamond Fuji is visible, viewing parties are held here.

Since many people visit during the Diamond Fuji viewing season, the car park may be full. It's recommended to go with a group or as a family to the summit. Parking on the street is prohibited, so be sure to abide by the regulations to avoid inconveniencing the local residents, other photographers, or tourists.

Summary of Diamond Fuji

Diamond Fuji can be seen at sunrise and sunset. Both the sight of sunlight coming in at sunrise and the glowing red sun at sunset are divine. It is without doubt a spectacular view that should be on anyone's bucket list. Fuji's majestic appearance, intertwined with nature, is surely a sight that only those who see it in person can truly appreciate.

Depending on where you view Mt. Fuji from, you might even be able to enjoy a view of the rare Double Diamond Fuji. Come to Yamanashi and enjoy these breathtaking views of nature!

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'Diamond Fuji' at Lake Yamanaka! – A Brilliant Sunrise Shining From the Top of Mt. Fuji
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