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The Caldera of Mt. Aso

This PR video, titled "The Heritage of Tomorrow- God, Nature, and Man," is produced by “N.a” to promote Mt. Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture.

The beautiful landscape of Kyushu, including Mt. Aso, can be seen throughout this video.
Mt. Aso has a caldera produced by an ancient volcanic eruption, and the people have lived their lives here believing in the power of the gods and nature.

A Caldera is a large circular depression in a volcano created from the body of the volcano collapsing.
You can see a view of the caldera, billowing with volcanic smoke, in the video at 1:54. 

The Beautiful Scenery of Mt. Aso

Image of Aso panorama line
Photo:Aso Panorama Line

Aso Shrine, known as the Ichinomiya of Higo province (肥後国 : Higono Kuni), and located at the foot of Mt. Aso, is a historic location, considered to be the number one shrine in Higo province. Its origins trace back to mountain and volcano worship in the Jomon period.
Legend has it that the god of the shrine, Takeiwatatsumi no Mikoto, once kicked out water from the mountain in order to build a rice field around Mt. Aso.

The area around Aso Caldera is designated as a Aso UNESCO Global Geopark.
It's a beautiful location where you can learn about the natural landscape.

At Aso UNESCO Global Geopark, focused on active caldera, you can see large clouds of smoke climbing high up into the sky.
You can also enjoy a view of Aso Geopark in this video.

Tourist Spots in the Mt. Aso Area!

Image of Aso Milk Road
©阿蘇市 Modifying

Daikanbo (大観峰: Daikanbo) is the highest peak at Aso Kitagairin Zan (阿蘇北外輪山:Aso Kitagairin Zan) in Aso city阿蘇市 : Aso-shi).
From the Daikanbo observantory, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the "Five Mountains of Aso" (阿蘇五岳: Aso Gogaku).
The Aso Milk Road leading to Daikanbo is great for sightseeing.
There's a parking lot and it can be easily accessed, so we definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance.

Some other hidden gems where you can explore the natural scenery of Mt. Aso include Shirakawa Suigen and Kusasenrigahama.

Relax in the Hot Springs and Feel the Blessings of Nature!

Image of Kurokawa Hot Springs
Photo:Kurokawa Hot Springs

There are a lot of hot spring facilities around Mt. Aso due to the many volcanoes in the area. One that we recommend visiting is Kurokawa Hot Springs.

We especially recommend Aso Farm Land, created with the idea of promoting health.
You can enjoy delicious local cuisine and natural hot springs to heal your body after exploring Mt. Aso.

Summary of Mt. Aso

There are many sightseeing spots where you can experience the beautiful landscape of Mt. Aso.
In the video, you can enjoy beautiful views of Mt. Aso with calm music playing in the background.
Enjoy the mysterious scenery of Mt. Aso, famous as a land created by the gods.

There are many volcanoes in Japan besides Mt. Aso. People have lived in reverence for them since ancient times.
We hope to see you at Mt. Aso to enjoy the relaxing hot springs, beautiful scenery, and the spiritual shrines!

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The Caldera of Mt. Aso: A Magnificent Landscape Created by Nature. The Natural Wonderland, Full of Mysterious Scenery, Is Said to Have Been Created by the Gods!
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