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The Pampas Grass Field of Sengokuhara: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field - Kanagawa - 4K Ultra HD" (Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field - Kanagawa - 仙石原すすき草原 - 4K Ultra HD), was uploaded by "TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful."
Enjoy the beautiful 4K visuals and the sound of pampas grass swaying in the wind as if you were standing in the pampas grass field of Sengokuhara.

Sengokuhara – A Famous Place for Viewing Pampas Grass in Hakone, Kanagawa

Image of the pampas grass field of Sengokuhara
Photo:The pampas grass field of Sengokuhara, Hakone

The pampas grass field of Sengokuhara is located on Mt. Hakone in Kanagawa Prefecture, in Japan's Kanto region. It is one of the "Top 50 Scenic Spots in Kanagawa" and "Top 100 Places to View Flowers in Kanagawa," and is well known for its pampas grass.
At the foot of Mt. Daigatake, which was formed by the eruption of Mt. Hakone, lies a field of pampas grass, and in autumn, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of golden plumes rippling in the wind. The fantastic scenery of the Sengokuhara pampas grass field has attracted a lot of attention and draws a large number of tourists every year.

The Field of Pampas Grass in Hakone – When to See the Breathtaking Autumnal Scenery

Image of the walking path through the pampas grass field of Sengokuhara, Hakone
Photo:The walking path through the pampas grass field of Sengokuhara, Hakone

The golden pampas grass in the field in Sengokuhara is at its best from late September to early November. The lush green tips of pampas grass turn a silvery-white, and as autumn deepens, the tips open up and turn a pale golden color.
The beautiful golden color of the pampas grass field, which can only be seen during autumn in Japan, is a distinctive sight of autumn in Hakone. The main walking route for the pampas grass field is to go straight along the path and back, which takes about 30 minutes round-trip. The path through the grassy field is great for taking photos as well.
[Video] 0:05 - Sengokuhara Pampas Grass Field Walking Path

At the midpoint of the path, visitors can enjoy a lovely collaboration of mountains and the soft tips of the pampas grass. The view from the small hill in the middle of the path is another nice spot, perfect for taking pictures.
The best times to visit are in the morning and at dusk, when there are few people around. The photogenic golden pampas grass glistening in the sunlight and the setting sun are guaranteed to be make for awesome photos for Instagrammers and photographers alike.

The Pampas Grass Field of Sengokuhara During Summer

Sengokuhara's pampas grass field is of course famous for its pampas grass in autumn, but other seasons also have their own unique charms.
In early summer, around June, visitors can enjoy the lush green landscape of the meadow that has grown back after the annual burn in the spring. The sight of the newly sprouted green pampas grass swaying in the wind is a different aesthetic than that of autumn. The green pampas grass and blue skies are a perfect contrast, and photographers/Instagrammers can take some delightful photos during this time as well.

Spring at Sengokuhara – A Fiery Event on the Pampas Grass Field

In the pampas grass field of Sengokuhara, an event called Yamayaki is held from mid to late March every year. Yamayaki, meaning "Mountain burning," is an annual event to maintain the pampas grass field. By burning the dead grass, it prevents the growth of weeds in the field and helps to return the meadow to its youthful appearance. The event is held in the mild spring weather, and spectator seating is available as well. The crackling fire and the intense heat are definitely worth a trip to Hakone.

How to Get to Sengokuhara's Pampas Grass Field + Parking & Lunch

Image of Hakone-Yumoto Station
Photo:Hakone-Yumoto Station

To get to Sengokuhara's pampas grass field, take the Hakone Tozan Bus bound for Togendai from Hakone-Yumoto Station and get off at Sengokogen (~30 mins). If going by car, free parking and paid parking are available in the immediate vicinity of the pampas grass field. A temporary free parking lot is also available from September 1 to November 30 every year during the pampas grass' peak viewing period.

For lunch, we recommend trying the soba restaurant Hoshinoan (そば処 穂し乃庵, Soba-dokoro Hoshinoan) by the Sengokuhara pampas grass field. In the midst of the refreshing pampas grass field, you can enjoy the seasonal flavors and unique dishes made from the best ingredients while gazing out at the field of pampas grass.

Summary of Sengokuhara's Pampas Grass Field

The area around the Sengokuhara pampas grass field is home to numerous tourist attractions, including art museums, and its hot springs, characterized by their cloudy white water, are also popular. In particular, the hot springs of the Hakone Ichinoyu Group, which currently has 10 facilities in Hakone, are well known as affordable accommodations in Hakone, and feature dreamy open-air guest rooms as well. Let the warmth of the hot springs wash away your fatigue.

Sengokuhara's pampas grass field is easily accessible from central Tokyo, as it's located just a short 2-hour and 15-minute bus ride from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo via the Odakyu Hakone Express Bus. If taking this route, be sure to get off at the Sengokukogen bus stop. Enjoy a visit to see the spectacular golden landscapes of autumn in Hakone!


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A Field of Pampas Grass in Sengokuhara in 4K Video! A Glimpse at the Beauty of Autumn in Kanagawa + Nearby Attractions, Lunch, and More!
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