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Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream in Tottori Prefecture

This video, titled "[4K UHD] Summer Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa stream" ([ 4K UHD ]夏の伯耆大山と木谷沢渓流 Mt.Daisen & Kitanisawa Stream in Summer), was created by AQUA Geo Graphic. It's an introductory video showing Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream.

Mt. Daisen is a mountain at 1,729m (5,700 ft.) above sea level in Tottori prefecture, in Japan's Chugoku region.
It is a stratovolcano, but it is not active at present.
It is also known as the sacred peak that represents the Chugoku region of Japan.
Mt. Daisen is sometimes called Pansan or Hoki Daisen. The name Hoki Daisen derives from the history of western Tottori Prefecture, which was once called Hoki Country.
Mt. Daisen is a popular scenic location that has been selected as one of Japan's "Top 100 Mountains" and Japan's "Top 100 Views."

The Kitanizawa Stream is a clear stream that originates from Mt. Daisen, and is also designated as a walking route for sightseeing on Mt. Daisen.
It is filled with many tourists, especially during the fall foliage season.
The video introduces the fresh greenery of Mt. Daisen and the Kitanizawa Stream in beautiful 4K footage.
You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, the chirping of birds, and the natural sounds of the flowing river, making it seem as if a mountain stream is actually flowing right in front of you.

Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream- Two Beautiful Instagram Locations

Image of Kitanizawa mountain stream
Photo:Kitanizawa mountain stream

When visiting Mt. Daisen, we recommend taking a guided tour with the Oku-Daisen tour guide.
It's a popular walking tour where you can enjoy the seasonal natural scenery, such as bird watching in the summer, autumn leaves in the fall, and snowshoeing in the winter. Keep in mind that the tours require a minimum of people before starting.
Reservations can be made with the Kofu Tourism Association by phone or email.
The first Saturday of the month is Kitanizawa Tour Day, which includes a photo and allows pets and elementary school students to accompany the tour.
Feel free to sign up for this walking route, as it's a great way to capture some Instagram-worthy pictures.

The crater at the top of Daisen is marked by the rim of a volcano, indicating that it was once a volcano.
It's also locally called Hoki Fuji.
If you fancy yourself a hike, why not try climbing to the famous Hoki Fuji Rim to see the natural landscape of Mt. Daisen?

Speaking of Mt. Daisen, in winter, we recommend the Oku-Daisen Ski Resort.
It's the largest ski resort in Tottori Prefecture, with 400 free parking spots.
Reservations should be made early, as the resort is quite popular.

Oku-Daisen Was Used for Suntory's Natural Water TV Commercials!

Image of Constellation and Houki Fuji
Photo:Houki Fuji among the stars

In 2017, a commercial for Suntory Natural Water, featuring world-renowned female artist Utada Hikaru, was set in Oku-Daisen, a famous mountain that is said to be the highest peak in the Chugoku region.
Oku-Daisen is a place where the air and water are so clean that it is said to be a mountain of water, and the atmosphere of its mysterious forest is something straight out of an anime or some other mythological world! The numerous climbing spots capture the hearts of visitors.

Okudaisen (奥大山) has a vast beech forest, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the majestic mountains, and you can see the beautiful starry sky that Utada Hikaru sang about in the TV commercial "#Hoshi Suge" (These stars are beautiful!).
The mountain stream that Utada Hikaru visited in the TV commercial is featured throughout this video, where you can enjoy the clear river water of the naturally flowing stream.
If you watch the video, you might be able to feel what Utada Hikaru felt, surrounding by the natural beauty of Okudai Mountain.

Mountain Climbing and Sightseeing at Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream

Kofu City (江府町, Kofu cho), in Tottori Prefecture, is home to Oku-Daisen, mentioned earlier in the article.
The air here is incredibly clear, making it a great place for stargazing, and many campers and photographers come here every year.
In the surrounding downtown area and hotels, you can enjoy incredible gourmet cuisine, such as seafood from the Sea of Japan.

Summary of Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream

Hoki Daisen Station (JR West) in Yonago is a convenient way to get around, especially for trips to Mt. Daisen, home to the Kinayazawa Stream, one of the clearest rivers in Japan.
We recommend using a local bus for transportation from Hoki Daisen Station to hotels, accommodations, and tourist destinations around Mt. Daisen.

The highlight of this video is the Kitanizawa Stream, which is shown from 0:36 to the end of the video.
The clear water flowing through the lush greenery of a mountain stream in summer, the beautiful moss on the rocks of the stream, and the beautiful sound of the river. It's a truly amazing atmosphere.
The video is pleasing to both the eyes and ears.
Please enjoy the beauty of Mt. Daisen and the Kitanizawa mountain stream.

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Mt. Daisen and Kitanizawa Stream - Two Places Used to Make Commercials With Famous Artists! Be Amazed by the Natural Scenery of Tottori Prefecture in This 4K Video!
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