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This video, titled "Iwate Cliffs and Coasts - Iwate - 岩手県の崖と海岸 - 4K Ultra HD," was released by "TokyoStreetView - Japan The Beautiful."

The cliffs and coasts of Iwate Prefecture featured in this video show a stunning contrast between one of the steepest cliffs in the Tohoku region and the beautiful azure blue of the Pacific Ocean.
The video introduces the majestic Unosu Cliff (2:54), a series of five cliffs draped in a beautiful row that can only be seen in Iwate Prefecture, and the Sannoiwa Rocks (4:00), rocks that rise up from the surface of the sea.

The combination of white waves and marine blue seen through the pine tree lined promenade is a wonderful contrast between the movement of the waves and the stillness of the shore, and will have you feeling as if you're looking at an ukiyo-e painting.

The Magnificent Cliffs That Tower Over Iwate Prefecture! A Stunning View of One of the Most Scenic Spots in the Tohoku Region!
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