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Aerial Footage of Surfers at Hatchohama Beach: Video Introduction

This video, titled "Drone Aerial View of Surfers in Hamazume and Hatchohama, Kyotango 4K" (京丹後市浜詰・八丁浜のサーファーをドローン4K空撮。Drone aerial view of surfers in Hamazume and Hatchohama, Kyotango City), was uploaded by "Office WADA."

Hatchohama Beach (Hatchohama Seaside Park) – A Beach Overlooking the Sea of Japan

Image of Hatchohama Beach in Kyotango, Kyoto
Photo:Hatchohama Beach in Kyotango, Kyoto

Overlooking the beautiful Sea of Japan, Hatchohama Beach is a popular spot for families with children, as they can play on the multipurpose grass playground and in the park. Hatchohama Beach is open from July to August, but fishing and other activities can be enjoyed in other seasons as well.

Hatchohama Beach is also known as a surfing spot, with good waves in winter.

Buses to the beach are available from Amino Station. If you're drive your own car, two parking lots are available at Hatchohama Seaside Park, but please note that they are closed outside of business hours (8:00 AM - 6:00 PM).

Located nearby is Obama Beach, where visitors can enjoy the sea of Kyoto. In the video, you can see the entirety of Hatchohama Beach via aerial footage.
[Video] 0:13 - Hatchohama Beach

Hatchohama Beach Is a Popular Surfing Spot!

Image of sunset at Hatchohama, Kyotango, Kyoto
Photo:Sunset at Hatchohama, Kyotango, Kyoto

As we mentioned previously, Hatchohama Beach is a popular spot for surfers. It's especially popular in the fall and winter, when surfing is at its best. There are also websites with live cameras of the area, so you can check wave information in advance. It may prevent you from visiting during bad weather or when the waves aren't so good for surfing.
In the video, you can see many surfers having fun catching waves.
[Video] 0:50 – Surfers

Also popular is Hamazume Beach (Yuhigaura Beach), where beautiful sunsets can be seen. The sunset over the ocean is famous in review websites, and the reddish hue of the ocean is said to be truly spectacular. It's a perfect spot for those any photographers or instagrammers.

Summer Fireworks at Hatchohama Beach – A Must See Event

Image of a fireworks show
Photo:A fireworks show

The Asamogawa Minazuki Festival and Noryo Fireworks Festival held at Hatchohama Beach at the end of July are big summer events that both the town and tourists come to see. During the daytime, the mikoshi parade is held, and the highlight of the festival is the parade over the water, where the voices of the float carriers echo through the air and many people gather to watch.

At night, the Noryo Fireworks Festival is held from the bank of the Asamogawa Fishing Port. You can also view the powerful fireworks from Hatchohama Beach.

In May, the Self-Defense Forces also hold an event called Kyogamisaki Air Festa. This event includes an exhibition of Self-Defense Forces equipment and a program in which airplanes fly over the venue. There are also performances by a music band and a hands-on corner. This is an opportunity to experience the activities of Japan's Self-Defense Forces, which you wouldn't normally have the chance to see.

Summary of Hatchohama Beach (Hatchohama Seaside Park)

Hatchohama Beach can be enjoyed by day-trip tourists, but we suggest that you take advantage of opportunities like summer vacation to plan a relaxing overnight stay. There are hotels, cottages, and campgrounds in the area. For those who want to enjoy not only swimming but also the surrounding sightseeing spots and nighttime events, we recommend staying overnight.

Enjoy a visit to the sea in Kyoto and make your summer vacation a memorable one. The beautiful scenery is sure to satisfy people of all ages. If you still haven't yet, be sure to check out the aerial video of Kyotango's beaches!

【Official Website】Hatchohama Beach – Visit Kyotango, Kyoto's Getaway|Kyotango City Tourism Association

【TripAdvisor】Hatchohama Beach – Obama Beach

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Hatchohama Beach in Kyotango, Kyoto! A Popular Surfing Spot via Powerful Aerial Footage!
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