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Tourist Information for Viewing the Autumn Colors in Hakkoda and the Tsugaru Plains in Aomori

This tourism promotional video (made by JAPAN GEOGRAPHIC) highlights the renowned autumn foliage in Hakkoda.

Although Japan boasts many scenic sites to practice the traditional autumn foliage viewing, one of the 100 most beautiful Japanese mountains, Mt.Hakkoda has been very popular for the viewing of autumn colors in the countryside.
The breathtaking view of autumn foliage reflected on the lake surface attracts a great number of visitors.

The video navigates us through the beauty of autumn-colored Hakkoda which often appears on well-known travel sites or TV programs, and also has been a regular winner of the ranking of places in Japan to see autumn colors.
Autumn leaves are best seen on a sunny day. The sunlight makes the red and yellow leaves shine.

Winter comes early up in the north in Aomori. Such meteorological conditions give leaves vibrant colors.
The video captures the spectacular color display in Hakkoda.

Hakkoda: From Hot Springs to Beautiful Autumn Foliage

Image of Kenashitai Wetlands dyed in autumn colors
Photo:Kenashitai Wetlands dyed in autumn colors

Some hiking trails are maintained in Hakkoda so that hikers can take in the splendid autumn color display in the clear air, or enjoy the sounds of walking through the deciduous forests on a carpet of fallen leaves.

Aomori Prefecture features many renowned hot springs.
Staying at an Onsen Ryokan located in the area such as Sugayu Onsen (a very charming old-fashioned onsen hotel), Jogakura Onsen, or Tsuta Onsen will make your trip even more special.

The recommended hiking route is an excellent 5-hour circular walking trail that starts and ends at Sugayu Onsen.
The route takes you up to Mt. Otake and leads to the vast marshlands of Kenashitai.
As plenty of visitors are expected during the peak of the autumn colors, it is better to book your room in advance.

The Best Sightseeing Spots in Hakkoda

Aomori is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan.
When it gets a color makeover from the autumn foliage, places like Mt. Hakkoda, Oirase Gorge, Zenkojidaira, Mutsu Bay or Jyogakura Oohashi are filled with tourists hunting for vibrant colors.

Look at the breathtaking autumn vistas at Jigokunuma starting at 0:50!
The red tinge with yellow, and vivid orange hues.... The stunningly beautiful color display is made mainly of Beech, Japanese rowan trees (nanakamado) and maple trees.
"Tsutanuma Lake" (from 1:20 -) laying at the foot of Mt. Hakkoda is a hidden gem of the area. With the red leaves floating on the water, the lake has a mysterious beauty.

The image of Lake Towada reflecting the mountains of autumn colors on its surface (from 1:42) is something you never get tired of looking at it. This explains why it is a photographers' dream destination.
The symbolic scenery of the turning of autumn leaves contrasted with the water's surface is a magnet that pulls tourists back to this location.

A Walk in the Sky With Hakkoda Ropeway

Image of Mt. Hakkoda  Ropeway
Photo:Mt. Hakkoda, Ropeway

The nighttime illumination during the autumn season allows visitors to admire the colors of autumn foliage from the sky until late hours.

The approximately 10-minute sky walk in a gondola takes you up to the summit of Mt. Tamoyashidake offering you a look out of the colorful autumn mountains.

Road Trip Information to Hakkoda in Autumn

Image of Autumn Leaves at Hakkoda Mountain
Photo:Autumn Leaves at Hakkoda Mountain

Autumn foliage in the Tohoku region typically peaks from the beginning to the end of October.
The route twisting through the mountains gives travelers a diverse views of the autumn leaves.

From JR Aomori station, it takes about an hour to drive to Hakkoda.
There is some parking in the area.

Summary : 360° Panorama View From the Summit of Hakkoda - 4k Video of Autumn Colors

Hakkoda is crowded with both domestic and international tourists in the autumn season, so we recommend checking traffic information and accommodation availability provided by the tourist information websites.

Enjoy the video of the majestic autumn colors in Hakkoda!

【Tripadvisor】Hakkoda Mountains

【Official Website】Aomori Prefecture Tourist Information SIte - Aptinet

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Autumn Leaves in Hakkoda, Aomori - The Reflection of This Beautiful Red Foliage Is Poetic
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