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Shirahama Beach in Shizuoka Prefecture!

The video this time is titled "Shirahama Beach - Shizuoka - 白浜 - 4K Ultra HD." It introduces the beautiful Izu-Shirahama Beach in Shimoda City, Shizuoka prefecture.

When the weather is nice, Shirahama Beach glows a beautiful emerald green, making it very popular with surfers and tourists alike.
The 700-meter-long white sand beach is one of the largest on Izu Peninsula.
Enjoy making lasting memories at one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan! Don't forget to bring your camera either; There's plenty of great places to take pictures for your Instagram!

Shirahama Beach, Shizuoka

Image of Shizuoka prefecture・Shirahama Beach
Photo:Shizuoka prefecture・Shirahama Beach

Shirahama Beach, located in Shizuoka prefecture in Japan's Tokai region, is separated into 2 swimming areas: the Shirahama Central Beach section and the Shirahama Ohama Beach section. Shirahama Ohama Beach is the largest beach in the Izu peninsula area.
Shirahama Beach becomes very lively during the summer with the Shirahama Fireworks festival being held there as well.
Many young people looking to party gather here and the atmosphere becomes very different than that of the afternoon.

The Red Torii Arch at Shirahama Beach

Image of Shizuoka prefecture・Ikona Hime No Mikoto Shrine
Photo:Shizuoka prefecture・Ikona Hime No Mikoto Shrine

The torii arch on the coastline, which can be seen at 0:30 in the video, is actually Ikona Hime No Mikoto Shrine, the oldest shrine in Izu. It is commonly called Shirahama Jinja Shrine.
The contrast of the bright red beach torii and the emerald green sea is breathtaking.
The goddess Ikona, who is the wife of Mishima Daimyojin, is enshrined as the main deity of Ikona Hime No Mikoto Shrine, and is believed to be the goddess of women.
If you visit the shrine, it will bring good luck in marriage and increase your romance abilities!

The large rock facing the sea is called Daimyojin Rock and is known as a power spot.
In addition, at the bottom of the cliff behind the main building, there is a spot called Ogama, which is a sea-eroded cave into which sea water flows.

Summary of Shirahama Beach

Image of Shirahama Beach in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Photo:Shirahama Beach in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

The Izu area of Shizuoka Prefecture is dotted with hotels, inns, guest houses, cottages, camping sites, and other accommodations.
There are also many restaurants where you can enjoy excellent food.
If you're looking to hit up some beaches to soak up some sun, don't miss out on Shirahama Beach!
Shirahama beach is a 13-minute bus ride from Izukyu Shimoda Station, and there are paid parking lots in the area as well.

Shirahama beaches, named after their characteristic white sand (白浜, shirahama, lit. "white sand"), can be found in places other than Shizuoka prefecture as well, including Wakayama prefecture, Chiba prefecture, and Kanagawa prefecture.
Japan has a lot of beaches with beautiful sand and great views, so get ready for some fun in the sun!

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Shirahama Beach - Discover the Beauty of Shimoda, Shizuoka at Izu's Largest Swimming Beach! The Bright Red Torii Gate Perched on the Cliffs Makes for Some Amazing Scenery!
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