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Introducing Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama Prefecture!

This video, titled "Shirasaki Coast (Wakayama) A Beautiful Scenic Location Called the Aegean Sea of Japan" (白崎海岸(和歌山)日本のエーゲ海と称される絶景スポット), was released by "K Japan Traveler."

Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama prefecture, which has a magnificent view on Instagram, was selected as one of the Top 100 Beaches of Japan, and in 2009, it was also selected as one of the Top 100 Landscapes of the Yomiuri Shimbun.
Many tourists visit the beach throughout the year, where the contrast between the blue of the sea and sky and the pure white of limestone and sandy beaches is attractive.

The History and Highlights of Shirasaki Coast

Image of Shirasaki Coast, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Shirasaki Coast, Wakayama Prefecture

Shirasaki Coast is the sea of the Shirasaki Coast Prefectural Natural Park in Yura, Hidaka District, Wakayama Prefecture, and, as you can see at 0:33 in the video, is characterized by the white limestone surrounding it.
Geologically, limestone is said to have come from the Permian Period in the latter half of the Paleozoic Era, more than 200 million years ago.

From spring to summer, a large group of black-tailed gulls fly to Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama prefecture, which is rich in nature, as you can see from 3:03 in the video.
The marine park is also known for its daffodils.

Things To Do at Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama Prefecture

Image of Shirasaki Coast, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:Shirasaki Coast, Wakayama Prefecture

We recommend enjoying swimming, fishing, and Shirasaki cruise activities around Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama prefecture.
There are also diving spots and diving pools nearby.
From Shirasaki Manyo Park, we recommend enjoying the view of the strange rocks "Tatego" and "Oobae," which are the symbols of Shirasaki Coast.

Also, stop by Koukokuji Temple, the Shellfish Exhibition Hall, the Park Center, Shirasaki Marine Park Observatory, and Totsui Limestone Cave.

Dining and Lodging at Shirasaki Coast

Image of The Starry Skies of Shirasaki Marine Park, Wakayama Prefecture
Photo:The Starry Skies of Shirasaki Marine Park, Wakayama Prefecture

Around Shirasaki Coast, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can eat seafood dishes such as Shirasu-don on a low budget as well as the famous Shirasaki curry.

In addition, there's Roadside Station Shirasaki Ocean Park where you can buy souvenirs, and hotels that are ideal for accommodation, so plan your trip carefully!

Summary of Wakayama Prefecture's Shirasaki Coast

As you can see in the video, the charm of Shirasaki Coast is that you can enjoy the spectacular blue and white scenery.
When the sun sets, you can see a soothing view that you won't find during the day.
Be sure to check out the business information and regular holidays for the Shirasaki Marine Park campsite and the surrounding facilities before visiting for sightseeing.

◆ Introduction to Shirasaki Coast ◆
【Address】Take a bus from JR Kii-Yura Station and get off at Shirasaki Nishi, and walk 1.5 km.
【Parking】Free Parking Available

【Tripadvisor】Shirasaki Marine Park

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Shirasaki Coast in Wakayama Prefecture, Called the
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